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Thread: FISH BUTTS......ANNOYED>>>>

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    Please don't yell at me; not everything is drama. It doesn't all have to get moved, people can argue without it going into the drama thread. That's part of what the thread is for, is people able to voice concerns or thoughts and go back and forth a little, yeah the phone thing is a little thing, but it's not that bad, and all have valid points. I've just seen bulldozers left and right and all over the place lately, some needs to be moved, and some doesn't, but we don't need to move it all, a little anger is good sometimes.
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    We are all having our issues handled in one way or another. Its pretty much over for those of us that are seeking refunds...not all of us but most. Fingers crossed for you!

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    Good deal. I'm glad everything is getting sorted. :-)
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    I will not take a refund.......I notice she raised her prices dramatically and now wants to get rid of her responsibility to customers that paid less than current customers?!?!?!?

    She needs to make good on the sale of a tail for the price we paid, it is now mid March and I am waiting since October!

    She emailed me back finally and said to basically WAIT!

    If this was for me, and not my daughter, I might cancel but I have an extrememly disapointed and impatient ten year old at home. She will get the tail she has been waiting A HALF A YEAR FOR!

    I dont care if this tail shows up perfect and covered with jewels I will never send any references her way or say a good word about her 'business'!

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    Mmm. In the case that you've been waiting that long for a tail, maybe you shoul opt for the refund. Because odds are that I'd you are told to wait even longer than how long you have web waiting, then a) the tail will be total crap because it will be done quickly trying to get you off her back (and I'm not looking for any drama or anything when I say that)
    Or b) you won't get the tail for who knows how long. Especially since she's taking new orders on top of backed up orders from annoyed customers.
    maybe check prices at other makers like mermaids r us and see if your refund money can go towards a new tail from them. Just my thoughts though.

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    I am not the admin of this page, it was started yesterday and I totally support and back it! If you have been burned, ripped off, or left out to dry then join this group and lets make voice a pod of voice to be heard! Ps. You can also report their page as a scam, if a company is continuing to take money from its clients and NOT delivering on any promises, then it is a SCAM and its ILLEGAL
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