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Thread: FishButts Offers Refund for Late/Backordered Tails

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    I'm really torn.
    This is my first tail and I'm super sad I've had to wait (so far) 5 months for it.
    At the same time, I got a killer deal (price vs what I want) SO I really don't want a refund... >.<
    I not only have friends and family asking why I don't have my tail yet, but also a local designer and photographer who are interested in using me as a model as soon as I get it *SIGH*
    I just really want my tail... and for it not be rushed/not made well T_T
    Why is that so much to ask?
    Give my facebook page a like and I'll return the support!

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    I am not the admin of this page, it was started yesterday and I totally support and back it! If you have been burned, ripped off, or left out to dry then join this group and lets make voice a pod of voice to be heard! Ps. You can also report their page as a scam, if a company is continuing to take money from its clients and NOT delivering on any promises, then it is a SCAM and its ILLEGAL
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