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Thread: Hair Care help

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    Guys, rinse your hair with COLD water after you're done washing and combing it - cold water closes the cuticle and gives you a smoother hair texture.

    Hair tangles easily when the strands are fine (you can have fine strands\thick hair; thick strands\fine hair; thick strands\thick hair etc).

    Comb your hair in the shower when conditioning. Use a conditioner that gives you enough 'slip' so you're not tearing through your hair and breaking the ends off. Use a wide tooth comb, not a brush. Start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Once it is untangled, then you can use smaller toothed combs to style etc - but to get the tangles out, wide-tooth combs only.

    Get yourselves clarifying shampoo to use after swimming in Chlorine. Chlorine won't go away by itself. You have to actively manage that with things like clarifying shampoos made for cholrine, using bicarb/vinegar rinses etc or you end up with that green glow, and greasy hair covered in buildup. Tons of helpful info here about dealing with chlorine -

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    Thanks for the advice! I rinsed and shampooed with cold water today, and followed your advice as to how I should comb it. My hair is a lot softer now, and easier to style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Takahao View Post
    At what point does men's hair become long enough to switch over to a separate shampoo and conditioner? Right now my hair is about 5-6 inches long on top, and a normal length on the sides. When I got my hair cut, the lady suggested I stick with a 2-1 because it helps manage the oil in my hair. I've been shampooing every 2-3 days or so, or rinsing with hot water every other day are so, all while combing it. I have really fine, long hair. It sticks out everywhere unless I put product in it, at which point it proceeds to lose any sense of volume.
    I believe 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners were originally targeted for men in the military, who were required to take quicker showers and had regulation haircuts. So not for people with hair long enough to fall to their ears.

    Remember that your hair follicle is dead, doesn't heal, and shampoo damages it. So think of shampoo as something for cleaning your scalp, and conditioner for caring for the rest of the follicle without damaging it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takahao View Post
    Thanks for the advice! I rinsed and shampooed with cold water today, and followed your advice as to how I should comb it. My hair is a lot softer now, and easier to style.
    Yes! Rinsing your hair with cold water really works. I've been following this advice for years. Also, I can recommend combing your hair before and after sleep, it helps to keep it strong. And one more advice - use less conditioner and hair masks. Articles like this keep telling that those "organic" stuff really "enhances your curls" but there is no such thing in it. Just keep yourself healthy and try not to use hair care products much.


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