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Thread: chair for staging appearance

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    Lightbulb chair for staging appearance

    hi everyone--- so I have been racking my brain as far as how to stage appearances as a mer....I have a gig coming up on earth day which will entail me sitting and talking with children and families about marine conservation. I was thinking of a prop boat--- but I cant find one. I was thinking of having my husband build me a wooden "dock", kind of like this one...
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    ...and attaching some rope, netting, etc. around the posts. I'm not sure about how to transport such a prop, as in, I am thinking it might be too heavy to manuver on my own.
    I'm thinking what might be easiest is a fancy-ish chair. Something I can attach shells and even seaweed to......I was thinking of this chair....
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    It might look nice in photos and there is def room for me to be creative with it as far as attaching embellishments. My friend owns it and says I am more than welcome to it. I suppose the rattan furniture trend of the 80's is over and many garages/attics are being graced by pieces like this! haha!
    Advice and comments are appreciated!
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    A dock.. I had never thought of that- that's pretty cool! If you want to go for the dock, I'd say put strong wheels on the bottom of the posts to turn it into a rolling dock. Maybe a handle or a rope on one of the ends so someone can push/pull you around. I know Oceana has a prop boat that has wheels on it, but it's tiiiiny. I've heard they're easy to build, but really I have no idea :P

    I've seen a lot of mers have dressed up chairs like that. I think Moon Mermaid has a wicker chair and she drapes blue materials and netting on it for that mermaid touch. So I think the chair would work just fine

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    great idea for the wheels! that will work well for a parade I am planning on doing soon! thanks for the advice! i think we are going to go with both ideas---I like having options XOOX
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