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Thread: NO Mermaid tails allowed !!!!!

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    I swim 4 workouts a week at my YMCA pool: 3 of them using bi-fins, and 1 of them using a Finis Foil. It is always fins /monofin only, no leggings or tail. The lifeguards are so used to seeing me workout, that it doesn't matter to them whether I am using bi-fins or a monofin. I think any concerns that might be voiced have to do with 1) whether a swimmer can ditch the tail in case of cramps or other physical problem, and swim to safety without it; and 2) fiberglass monofins scratching or injuring another swimmer if lanes need to be shared. Also, some monofins like the Mahina and Finis Competitor are so big that lane sharing might be out of the question. The Finis Foil is rubber, does not scratch or injure, and travels well. No one at the pool has voice any objection when I swim with it.

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