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Thread: NO Mermaid tails allowed !!!!!

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    I've nearly had kids jump on me. They knew I was swimming there and yet they jumped! They were inches from me and gave me a fright. My heart was beating so fast!
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    yeah, happened to me as well.
    2 or 3 times, someone landed so close to me, if they had jumped just half a second earlier or if I'd been a tiny bit slower, they would have most likely broken my back or neck.
    Not just kids, adults can be just as oblivious and careless, and if you tell them "btw I was there, you nearly hit me full on", they most likely talk back to you and tell you it's your fault for being there^^
    (but germans do that all the time anyway, no matter the circumstances)

    and if you're in open water instead, you always have to watch out for boats/surfers.
    number one cause for diver deaths: run-in with boats.
    I know no apneist who hasn't had a close call at least once :/


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