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Thread: the ULTIMATE mermaid maker

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    They've put that the estimated date is unknown, so I don't think they know when it will be finished. I'm sure they'll update the site when they do know

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    Quote Originally Posted by caltuna View Post
    The seaweed siren looks awesome!
    Thnx Caltuna!

    Been playing with it, trying to get out from my head of what I want my future super expensive tail to be!

    If only they had more designs for the fluke. I really like the rounded paddle tails atm.

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    I knew they were working on a Merman. I messaged them about maybe using my art for a separate doll maker, and I got an email back that they were working on one already, and to please keep it under wraps. Glad they finally announced it publicly! I'm so excited for it!

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    I am Literally dying waiting for the merman to be added to this game
    I am so excited. I check the site almost every other week
    need to hurry up before i explode
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    wow great find on the creator game dear! i have to agree with you this is the ultimate tail maker!!!

    this is my dream tail, its subtle and a little plain i know but i think it would be so cool for a lake mermaid. Hopefully when i get a neoprene or silicone tail i can get this!!!!

    Name:  Neptunes-Daughter-DollDivine.jpg
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Size:  278.8 KB

    and here is a more oceany theme one i guess? haha i love the stripes i cannot stop!!!

    Name:  ocean tail.jpg
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    my koi tail its not great but what the heck why not.

    Name:  Neptunes-Daughter-DollDivine.jpg
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    sailormoon tails part one Name:  mermaid moon.png
Views: 570
Size:  804.6 KBName:  mermaid moon2.png
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    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Part Two:Name:  mermaid moon.png
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    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Wow, I love these! They look very similar to the original characters.

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    here's my favourite: the evil counterparts!!

    Name:  mermaid moon2.png
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    The SeaGlass Siren

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    So cool! *3*
    (Formerly known as Mermaid Claudia)

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    The SeaGlass Siren

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    It's been forever since I played around with this dollmaker (though I freaking ADORE DollDivine <3), but I found the old design I made back in March 2013 when I was first trying to come up with a concept for my dream mermaid tail, based off of Glaucus Atlanticus.

    Name:  2013-03-04_14-14-54--142_134_223_239--_Neptunes-Daughter-Mermaid-Dress-Up.jpg
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    I wish I'd thought to save a better resolution pic of it at the time, just saving it to my DollDivine gallery really butchered the quality. :/

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    I think it still looks lovely
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    First off: SeaGlass, your Sailormoon tail set is blowing my mind.

    Now theeen: I wanted to play too. I have this thing about ponds and swamps so I gave that go... and then added seaweed in the foreground to be inconsistent cause logic. :3
    Name:  Neptunes-Daughter-DollDivine.jpg
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    Ah!!! Love your swamp mer!! I secretly have a think for swamp and lake Mers /3
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Made all the mermaid princesses from mermaid melody because I was bored

    Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o8_400.jpg
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Size:  363.1 KB Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o7_400.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o6_400.jpg
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Size:  274.2 KB Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o3_400.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o4_400.jpg
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Size:  319.3 KB Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o5_400.jpg
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    Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o2_400.jpg
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Size:  257.8 KB Name:  tumblr_n0ghjdlTMJ1qaykv8o1_400.jpg
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    I also made two mer-Kaguras from Gintama!
    Name:  Neptunes-Daughter-DollDivine2.jpg
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Size:  175.5 KB Name:  Neptunes-Daughter-DollDivine.jpg
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    Ahh it's been a while since I've seen Mermaid Melody stuff! It was my favourite shoujo manga when in elementary school~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tieri View Post
    I wish I'd thought to save a better resolution pic of it at the time, just saving it to my DollDivine gallery really butchered the quality. :/
    Just thought I'd make a small tutorial on this for anyone who doesn't know how to increase the resolution of vectored doll makers like Neptune's Daughter.

    First, create your doll. I generally choose hair styles and clothing/accessories that don't protrude outside of the frame, but in Neptune's Daughter you can zoom out using the little + and - symbols in the doll maker so all of the doll is visible, which is useful for fins that are too large for the default size. I like to cut mine out and put them on backgrounds of my own choice, so I put them on plain, blank backgrounds so they're easier to cut out.

    When you are happy with you doll, zoom in on your browser to the maximum percentage. On Chrome it's 500%, but some browsers (like the new Microsoft Edge) will let you zoom in as much as you'd like.

    Zooming in to get a bigger image will only work on doll makers with vectored images. Many games will just get more pixellated the more you zoom in, like a normal image would. You can see this in the Rapunzel maker below; only the eyebrows and nose are vectors, so at 500% they're the only parts with sharp edges.

    Scroll around on your doll until you have the top of the doll in frame. Try to get as much of the doll in the frame as possible. Larger screen resolutions are best, if you have the option. You can also put your browser into full-screen mode for maximum screen space (usually the F11 key).

    Once your doll is positioned, hit the printscreen key. Then open up an image editor and paste your copied image into it. You can use any image editor you like, but I'd suggest a program like Photoshop or GIMP so you can edit the project's layers.

    Go back to your doll and scroll down so that the next part of the doll is visible. Leave a tiny bit of the last part at the top, so you can see where the two images meet. Take a screenshot of it and paste it on top of the previous one in your image editor.

    Continue this method until all of your doll is in the image editor, in sections. You may have to go back and add in pieces you missed, so don't close your doll just yet. Keep in mind that the more you have zoomed in on your doll, the more stitching you'll have to do.

    Crop out any parts of your screenshot that aren't just of the doll, including scroll bars and task bars. I've also cropped out excess background because I'm going to be cutting out my doll anyway.

    Then you can begin stiching the images together. Pick two layers that go together and figure out where they need to join. It might help to make the top layer transparent, so you can see what you're lining it up with underneath. I pick prominent features, like an eye or a belly button, to make it easier.

    When they're perfectly aligned, you can merge them into one layer. Do this for all the layers you have until your doll is a complete image.

    You can erase any watermarks if you want to keep it clean for your own personal use, but please leave the watermarks if you share it anywhere. Leaving credit is super important!

    If you want to cut your doll from its background, you have a few options - select all of the background colour with a magic wand tool or colour region tool and delete it, hand-outline your doll with a lasso tool, or vectorise the image and then delete any parts you don't want.

    I have an image vectorising program, so I use this method as it's quick and easy. Vectorising also means that you can make an already-large image even bigger. This is great if you want to make a poster of an image or print it out at a high resolution. Remember, though, this is someone else's artwork! If you pay to get a poster printed, consider donating the same amount to the artist as well.

    I use Vector Magic, which you can get a free trial of HERE.

    And that's it! You should have a badass high-quality image from your favourite dollmaker. Here's mine after vectorisation, at a height of 8000 px.
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    Thank you so much Kelda! One of my only problems with this dollmaker was the difficult seeing fine details while also getting the entire mermaid in the frame. No longer will I feel the need to save both zoomed out and zoomed in copies of every mermaid I make!

    Fancy a cup of mermaid tea?

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