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Thread: Received my Mermaid R Us tail....

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    I have the same problem. Iona is right, We all get them. It is just the way that the tail has to be in order to be tight enough for you to swim. When ever I do dry events, I try to sit on the edge of what ever I am sitting on and lean back a bit to keep my stomach in line with my hips and with as little bend as possible

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    I'm actually planning on getting their fabric tails from them, the deluxe one, I love the fabric that they use for those. The stomach issue I could relate to SO MUCH! I'm a little guy first off, I'm 5'2, so for me being weight 160 is gonna be a issue a little cause I have a round belly. Not a big one but still I get notice about that so much, it almost makes me disappointed and I could be active (I roller skate a lot, blame it on Starlight Express). But at times it does bother me cause I see other guys around my age and they're more fit than me it kinda brings me down. That's why I wear the vest in my tails.


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