As some of you know that a while ago I had bought a tail from Mermagica, but to say that was short lived. Somebody had taken it plus a few other things out of the back of my truck. I was not a happy camper at the time. When I had told some of you on Mernetwork you were just as upset as I was. That too was short lived. Mermaid Lexia aka now Morticia Mermaid she came to my rescue. She had offered to make me another skin as long as I pay for the fabric. Well I agreed.
We talked back an forth asking what colors I liked an I gave her free creative decisions on what she wanted to do with the skin. Well the color that we had picked was not available so we went with another color. I gave her my measurements an she started to work on the tail. When It was completed I was completely flabergasted when I got it. I had asked her to make it a little tighter an she did a really FANTISTAC job. She also surprised me by making the fluke a different color.
The skin is very well made an durable. It feels like not wearing anything it fits that good, like a second skin. 2 thumbs way up an a 5 star rating . Great job. An thanks again Anna fantastic job.
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