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Thread: Anyone Attending SakuraCon?

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    Anyone Attending SakuraCon?

    I'll be there with my brother in various outfits. Just wondering if anyone else is planning to go this weekend!

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    Where is it?
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    I want to go, but A) No cash, and B) No way up to Washington currently
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    Aww well there's always other conventions. n_n

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    Ah darn :/ I always miss out on stuff like that! My weekends are just so busy :/
    "The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea."

    -Vladimir Nabokov

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    I'll be there for just a few hours Friday afternoon (no cosplay), Saturday evening (I'll be in my Katniss as I have a photo shoot in it beforehand) and I'll be there all day Sunday (as Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls).
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    I'll look for you! I'll be there Friday and Saturday, Friday as a Silent Hill Nurse and Saturday as my OC Sailor Senshi.

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    Not enough money Plus my sleep is very messed up as I was sick all last week, so with public transit I couldn't even get there till 8pm. *sadness*

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    Aww well that's okay! Being sick sucks big time.

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    I'll be there! Shall be dressed roughly like this:

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    Wow, those are some nice costumes! Edward's arm is gorgeous!

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