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Thread: Any Vancouver mermaids on here?

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    Any Vancouver mermaids on here?

    Hello! I live in Vancouver and wanted to know how many mer's live here. So I'm the future I can plan a meet up. Thank you!-kit

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    Re: Any Vancouver mermaids on here?

    I always assume Vancouver, WA sp yeah! I live in Vancouver!
    If you're in Canada though, I know a few Mers up there

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    Sadly I mean Canada where it rains every single day!

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    I'll be in Vancouver in April and would love to meet up. I live in Comox with 0 other 'mers'

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    Been mermaiding in Vancouver for about 6 years now! There are actually quite a few of us (at least 12 if I'm counting right...)

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    That is quite a few! Do you meet regularly or spur of the moment? I'd love to connect with some of you when I'm there Apr 13-20ish...

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    It's more of less a planned meet-up. There hasn't been one for a couple months now. But I'm sure if you posted that you'd like to meet up, we could totally gather somewhere!

    I also live in Vancouver, Downtown to be exact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seadancer View Post
    I'll be in Vancouver in April and would love to meet up. I live in Comox with 0 other 'mers'
    Like on vancouver island?
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    Yay! I'm always happy to get to know other mers who live in the Vancouver region. It's very confusing having a Vancouver in Washington, though!

    Unfortunately, I have no tail, so I probably can't be a part of the meet-up.
    Even so, it's nice to know that there are others who live in the same area. I'm currently staying in Chilliwack with my family for the summer, so let me know if anyone wants to drop by Cultus lake. Once school starts again, I'll be in Burnaby going to Simon Fraser. Probably will be taking some adult swim classes, too (need to work on my form and technique).

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    I'm a Vancouver Mermaid lol.

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