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Thread: Message from Stevi- FishButts

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    Exclamation Message from Stevi- FishButts

    Hi everyone! It's Stevi. I just want to take a second to say a few things. Firstly, I want every single one of my fans to know, without you, Fish Butts would still be an idea stuck in my head.

    Secondly, current customers that's orders are past due, thank you for sticking with me and even though it's frustrating, waiting it out. I know you've waited far longer than you ever should have had to and I am sincerely sorry for that, but you WILL receive the tail you ordered. T

    hirdly, to future customers, please do not be afraid to order from Fish Butts. While I understand your concerns, Fish Butts hit a rough patch, it can happen to anyone, but future orders are placed under the grounds that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the sale. You will receive a tail if you order one. I promise you that.

    And Lastly, to all the people hating on Fish Butts right now: YES, I am going through some things that have caused my previous orders to be late and YES I am still taking new orders. When a business gets behind it does not completely shut down til it catches up. It still continues to operate and catches up simultaneously. Yes, it will take time but YES it will get done. I know none of you know me personally or can even begin to understand what I am going through in this point in my life, but it's also no one's business. Forgive me for being brash on the subject but I am still suffering through a massive amount of turmoil and still managing to get up every day and do what needs done. So please, short of begging, I am asking for a little more understanding on the subject. If you have a heart, use it, and realize, everyone goes through tough times. Tough times do not make the person, how you get through them is what makes us who we are. And those of you that do know me, know what's going on and that I am more than exhausting my strength as a person to overcome these issues and reclaim my life at it's former glory. So haters, I know you will continue to hate and continue to act like you never struggled once in your life for any reason, but remember, when you judge someone on hard times you're only asking karma to heap the hard times on you.
    Thank you everyone, for your time.
    With all the drama that has been going on recently Stevi has been keeping an eye on whats been happening on the page, what threw her for a loop was a certain Merman, who decided to post a super nasty message which was in fact not needed to be posted to the page. She's sick and tired of the drama with certain people, yet Raven, Jesse and a few other tailmakers get along with her just fine. I agree with her avoiding drama as much as possible. This is why I am not commenting on any posts or such, when it comes to drama. Im done with it, i have bigger issues than to sit here and add more fuel to the drama fire. Thats just my 2 cents.

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    I think her message was great, but honestly that last paragraph was a bit much -__-
    If I were a customer at Fishbutts I'd be a bit weirded out at why the first few things addressed to the ACTUAL customers were only about 2 sentences long while the thing addressed to haters was like a whole paragraph.
    Calling people out as "haters" isn't exactly a good thing for a business, EVER. It's alright to say things like "everyone has haters" or "haters gonna hate" but to directly address anyone who she thinks might be hating is a bad move (which I honestly assume has to do with Melusinah's post because it's almost a DIRECT reference and Stevi and Raina did sort of assume she was just hating rather than asking a question. It also did only just happen yesterday >_> but I could be wrong?).
    I think Stevi takes things a bit too personally sometimes, which isn't a HUGE flaw, she just needs to learn that her behaviour lately HAS called for some suspicion. Not saying she deserves it or not, I personally don't think she's a scam artist or anything, I honestly think she's just in a pinch, happens to the best of us. But she has to realize that it IS alarming to order something and then 4 months from now not get it, so she has to understand that people questioning her isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just a response to how she's been handling things.
    Calling people out as "haters" or even directing a message towards someone who could be a hater just seems so.. Bad in ever way shape and form. Why would you waste your time talking to haters? Haters aren't going to be talked in by your words or change their minds. Not to mention what if the people she THINKS are haters actually don't end up being haters at all? What if someone is generally suspicious of everything? Then she's picking on people who aren't even hating!
    Just bad business imo.

    Quote Originally Posted by New York Mermaid View Post
    She's sick and tired of the drama with certain people, yet Raven, Jesse and a few other tailmakers get along with her just fine. I agree with her avoiding drama as much as possible.

    If she wanted to avoid drama she wouldn't have written an entire paragraph for the haters to read and respond to.
    If you want to avoid drama you need to NOT humor those who are causing it.

    As for the merman thing, dunno what happened and didn't hear about it, I usually only read her posts not her fan's posts/comments, but she still shouldn't really be giving it so much attention. If someone is mindlessly hating and saying things like "BOO FISHBUTTS SUCKS SO MUCH" then you can just delete their posts and that's it. I don't get why you have to address them in any way, it's just giving them the attention they were looking for by posting that in the first place!

    Also no offense, Lanai, but you're sort of getting into it right now by posting all that for us. If Stevi wanted us to get an idea of what was going on, we either are already fans of her page and have read that and made our own decisions on it, or we're here for her to post to if she feels like it. For you to have relayed her post in here and then explain what's going on seems like you ARE putting yourself into the situation, and of course more on the Stevi/Fishbutts side of the issue since you're explaining what happened on her side of the fence rather than just giving your opinion on it.
    Again, not meaning to be rude, just saying what I see.
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    I was asked to post it and gave a small explanation as to why she decided to post this. thats it. What she chooses to do on her page, well. its her page *shrug*.
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    I'm not saying it's a bad thing, Lanai, I'm just saying you are involving yourself voluntarily.
    Honestly I'd like it better if Stevi came on here to talk to us rather than send someone to do so. Just seems nicer imo.
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    Message from Stevi- FishButts

    Kanti, ever the voice of reason, you're like a wise owl!
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    Re: Message from Stevi- FishButts

    Quote Originally Posted by Traveling Merman View Post
    Kanti, ever the voice of reason, you're like a wise owl!
    Agreed. *bows*

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    Yes thats what I was wondering, why can't she create an account of her own? If she really wanted to directly address the issues she should do so herself.
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    @Brittany - she has a couple accounts on her. One for "mermaid parties" one for "fishbutts" and then her own personal one I believe.
    I met her on here and have talked to her before, she was a very nice person. I know she's busy but I think she could still have time to post on here at least sometimes.
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    Re: Message from Stevi- FishButts

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanti View Post
    Oh my gosh! It's been so long since I've seen that guy! Lol
    Zelda on N64 is what got me into gaming in the first place!

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    Look guys- I know some of you know Stevi, so what I'm about to say may offend you, but here's the thing: That last paragraph was totally inappropriate. She needs to stop putting her personal struggles in everyone's faces and realize she is running a business. When you provide a good or service, people want what they paid for or their money back, and they don't care how hard your life may be at the moment. That's not the customers problem. I fail to see how she expects anyone to trust her as a business person if she keeps saying things like "continue to hate like you've never struggled" and by implying that angry customers are in line for shitty luck down the road because they're (rightly) upset with her. To be perfectly frank, those last sentences down right pissed me off, and I'm not even a customer of hers. She's handling this situation all wrong by asking someone to post on her behalf and then throwing in nasty little jabs at people. It's not professional and it's just unkind IMO.
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    I am not the admin of this page, it was started yesterday and I totally support and back it! If you have been burned, ripped off, or left out to dry then join this group and lets make voice a pod of voice to be heard! Ps. You can also report their page as a scam, if a company is continuing to take money from its clients and NOT delivering on any promises, then it is a SCAM and its ILLEGAL
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    What ever happened to this lady?
    Super curious.
    She scammed teenage me out of a lot of money back in the day.

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    she disappeared. She launched some hand made panties or something and then was gone again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    she disappeared. She launched some hand made panties or something and then was gone again.
    Gotta say I’m relived. I know the mermaid community is very forgiving and I am not.
    Though it makes sense if she never redeemed herself.


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