Hi there,

So, I'm considering ordering one of Fish Butts' $500 silicone one-color tails while supplies and prices last...

I'm aware of the company's history and have been watching their progress from the beginning. The current silicone offer is tempting because 1.) $500 for a full-silicone tail, 2.) I really like the scale pattern, 3.) From the video I've seen, the fluke looks really maneuverable underwater.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Relevant experiences or reviews? It just seems like an extremely well-priced practice/first tail, and like a lot of fun to swim in.

Also, I'm curious if it would be possible for me to mod this on my own later? Could I repaint it at all if it's sealed, tinted silicone, or add fins to the heels or anything?

Thanks for your time and consideration, mer-munity!