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Thread: Mermaid essay!

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    Mermaid essay!

    I have a school assignment to write an essay on anything I want, and of course I chose mermaids! But I'm having some writers block and was wondering if you lovely mers could answer some questions and I can put the answers in my essay. Last year I wrote an essay on Hannah Fraser, but this year I want more answers!

    How has mermaiding changed your life?
    Do you think mermaids are real, swimming around in the ocean?
    What have people thought of your hobby (lifestyle?) in the past?

    soooooo yeah! Thanks!
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    Hmnnn, well for me, mermaiding has helped me open up and accpt myself better. I'm much more confident. I've also been in better shape and more contious of my actions and their effect on the enviroment ( gotta help our oceans yo)
    I think they could be, maybe not in the way we think, but the ocean is so large and undiscovered . . . there are ecies of whales that have been discovered only recently for goodness sake!
    There has always been a large range of opinions about it, they go from interest and acceptance to ridicule and disbelief. However the best responses are when people get excited about it; you can see a little spark of magic in their eyes, it sort of feels like you have inspired them and maybe done something good.
    Good luck!

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    I don't have my tail yet, but ever since I was small I've loved mermaids. I lived next to a creek that connected to the sea, so whenever I went swimming I'd pretend I was a mermaid holidaying in-land.
    I think for me it's the idea that you can be powerful in the water. Like, physically powerful. Humans are built for speed on land, but to achieve the same speed in the water it takes years and years of practice and training. I can swim (slowly) along fine and tread water without fear of sinking, but I still can't swim using conventional strokes (my attempts at freestyle just end up as gasping and flailing). Having a tail will make it so much easier to move quickly and purposefully underwater.
    The reason humans love to swim is probably because it's as close as you can get to flying. With a tail, it's that much easier

    I don't think mermaids are real, at least not as we imagine them. Having a half-human body just wouldn't work underwater. It's possible there are all-fish type mermaids swimming about deep in the ocean, but I doubt they'd be intelligent. The only sea creatures I know of having much intelligence are mammals, like whales and dolphins (although I think I read somewhere that octopuses are pretty clever). But in the end, it doesn't matter whether they're real or not. They're a part of human culture, and as Nyx said, they bring magic to everyday life.

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    How has mermaiding changed your life?
    Helped me connect with the ocean and began my environmental awareness.
    Influenced me to choose a career path connected to the ocean.
    Helped me pursue water sports such as freediving.

    Do you think mermaids are real, swimming around in the ocean?
    Only 5% of the oceans have been discovered! I believe anything is possible.
    However, like Melaina said they probably aren't as we would expect them to be.

    What have people thought of your hobby (lifestyle?) in the past?
    Definitley though I was a looney.
    Some thought it cool but majority questioned my mental state :P

    Good luck on your essay! I don't know if this will help, sorry its pretty cut and dry, but nonetheless. Sounds like it will be great when completed! You should post it when you are done.
    "The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea."

    -Vladimir Nabokov

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    How has mermaiding changed your life?
    Mermaiding has enabled me to come out of my shell. I use to be horribly shy and extremely insecure, but that all has changed now. With each of the tails I make, I can express myself in way others can't and being under water, in fantasy world is the most incredible feeling. It makes me feel free and beautiful, like I can do anything and because of that, I am no longer afraid to be myself. I don't care what others think anymore.
    Do you think mermaids are real, swimming around in the ocean?
    There is really no saying as to whether mers are out there or not. There is still so much of the ocean that we have to cover. The ocean is a dark and mysterious place that is filled with millions of undiscovered creatures. I'm not going to say there is a chance, but I will say.. why not?
    What have people thought of your hobby (lifestyle?) in the past?
    Fortunately, I have gotten mostly positive reactions to my hobby. People find it fascinating the amount of creativity that goes into each and every one of my tails and the beauty they behold when they are put up to their full potential. My favorite thing of all is to see the light glistening in children's eyes when they see me, it shows them that anything is possible.

    Good luck with your essay, sweetie! I hope this helps
    "Silence is beautiful, not awkward. The human tendency to be afraid of something beautiful is awkward."

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