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Thread: Mermaid Claire's silicone tail in progress.

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    Mermaid Claire's silicone tail in progress.

    Hi everyone !

    Here some pictures of my fourth mermaid tail, in silicone this time (the others were in latex).
    I have created the mold for the scales and the fluke.
    tell me what you think about it

    My silicone's scales
    Name:  photo.jpg
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    Name:  photo.jpg
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    First coat of paint :
    Name:  Capture d’ιcran 2013-04-15 ΰ 12.27.51.png
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    WOW!! love it.
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    Thanks I will finish to paint it this week !

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    It's looking good! I like the shape of the fluke :3 Can't wait to see it finished!
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    love that color blue!

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    That's absolutely stunning! You made it yourself?! You go girl!
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    It looks awesome! Cant wait to see it fully painted!

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    Looks impressive

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    Thank you ! Yes I made it entirely by myself I will post a picture fully painted at the end of the week and next week I will start to work on the top !

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    WOW thats fintastic! :P Have you had any previous experience with silicone before making your tail??
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    No, it's my first experience with silicone and molding. I took two months to get to this result ! ^^

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    WOAH this is really awesome. Especially since you've never made anything with silicone before.
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    Any tips on your silicone process? What instructions did you follow?

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    Lovely job Claire! <3

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    I used some instructions of kanti (thanks to her !) in her tread "full silicone's tail tutorial", I made foam scales board and I carved my fin.
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    Next i cast my fin with liquid plastic (I actually said in the thread that I did not like that material). So, I tested another material to mold my scales: the polyurethane, here a picture of my mold :
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    and then I just had to get my silicone's prints !
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    Of course that's easier said than done but it gives you an idea

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    Wow, looks amazing.

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    WOW!!! O.O's.....I don't have words for this.....I LOVE IT!!!!! Can't wait to see it finished
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    Whoa, polyurethane for a mold?? I dont know that i've heard anyone using that for molds before. How do you think it would do as a fluke mold? Does it keep detail with multiple uses? Whats the process to make a mold with polyurethane? Where do you buy materials? i'd love to try a different mold making material, especially a lighter one that doesnt degrade after a few uses. Details, pretty please?

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