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Thread: Mermaid Claire's silicone tail in progress.

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    Wow. I'm in awe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie View Post
    Sooooo beautiful! The dorsal is gorgeous!

    Wiw! Holy crap! First silicone tail made = absolute perfection

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    haha I haven't other words to say thank you ^^

    Here a picture of this week-end, I posted the same and an other one in the thread :!/page17

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    It looks incredible! <3 It makes me so eager to finish mine! XD I hope it can look half as good as yours!

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    beautiful work! I love the color! I just wanted to ask what polyurethane you used. Your mold looks so perfect!

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    you did such an amazing job! Your tail is beautiful! I'm working on a silicone tail and I'm so excited seeing how your turned out!

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    Mermaid Claire's silicone tail in progress.

    Seriously amazing, beautiful dorsal technique!!!! Wow!

    Are there two pieces of dorsal hiding the zipper inbetween?
    Also how many gallons of dragonskin and shell shock did you use overall? I'm making my own silicone and neoprene, the fluke and fins being silicone, and I'm contemplating just going ahead and doing the whole thing silicone since I can't find smaller sizes of dragonskin, ect
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    Beautifully well crafted! It's absolutely amazing, you've concealed the zipper so well with the dorsal. Well done!

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    what type of paint you used? and brush or airbrush? thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claire the french mermaid View Post
    Thank you Kanti, it makes me happy
    I do not know anything about scrap booking but it's on a specialize website about this hobby that I found my craft foam.

    I finished my tail one hour ago !!!!! You can see a dorsal to hide a zipper
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    GORGEOUS! I love the idea of the dorsal fin hiding a zipper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GalaxyKait View Post
    GORGEOUS! I love the idea of the dorsal fin hiding a zipper.
    This thread is 6 years old...
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