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Thread: Down Payment Plan?

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    Down Payment Plan?

    Does anyone know how exactly Mermaid Creations' pay $600 dollars down, the rest later plan work?

    I may have the down payment soon and have been hired for my first mermaid gig this summer, so could pay after the end of the summer. Is this too uncertain to make him comfortable?

    I have a silicone/neoprene tail for the mer-gig, but I think it will draw so much more attention if I can have the silicone tail before the end of the summer.

    What do you think? Could we work something out?

    I sent this message to Jesse too, but I'd like advice in case he says no.

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    Sadly, I have already e-mailed him, he's got a waiting list that's so far up til December. (Last time I checked) You won't be able to get your tail til after then. Even if you could I guess you'd might have to pay more. In a way, the paying half thing is pretty much you just paying for your place in the waiting list. =|

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    Best thing to do is follow his FB

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    Does he post on his Facebook when he'll be free again? I check it pretty regularly but I can't find where he does and I'd really like to know I don't think he's posted anything since March 26th?

    Thanks for the help, mers!

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    Ill send him a message to see if he has time to comment. I can confirm he is booked solid until December. Hes just now finished repairs on my tail which was sent in January. I had to wait my turn like all others since he had orders to finish before working on my tail.

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    Basically, yes.

    50% upfront payment puts you in line. I am booking one tail a month so I do not get overwhelmed.

    I do not do rush orders, I make your tail when I get to your tail. Once I start your tail, it takes 4 - 6 weeks or LONGER to create.

    Tails will be paid in full PRIOR to shipping. This means the second 50% PLUS the shipping charge. (I will send a Paypal money request for the balance.)

    Sorry for not being able to respond. My computer has been giving me trouble, and I just got it to where it won't crash every 10 minutes.


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    Thank you so much for responding to this! It cleared up a lot of questions. (^w^)

    The money that I thought I could spare for tails now seems to be needed for Boyfriend's college fund (^^ Maybe it won't be this year, but you'll definitely see an order from me sometime in the future!


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