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Thread: REVISED: Facebook Fan Pages as of 04/23/2013

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    My mermaiding falls under the business umbrella of my fish + humans music quartet, Neptune's Keep:

    At some point I will probably do a separate fan page for Mermaid Galēnē, but for now my mermaiding news goes on the Neptune's Keep page.

    Mermaid Galene (pronounced Guh-LEE-nee)

    Mermaid Galene WebNeptune's Keep WebFacebookMG YouTubeNK YouTubeEtsy Shop

    Neptune's Keep makes music with fish. Fish have hidden depths!

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    Here is my fan page, if you wouldn't mind.

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    Here's my wee facebook page -

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    Octavia: got married! Saving for a new tail! >u<b

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    Mine is young, but I would be honored if some of you amazing mers checked it out!

    *goes to "like" just about everyone on this long freaking list* XD

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    I finally found my mer-former name, and decided to separate it from my personal FB account:

    It's fairly new, and I'd be glad for any support/likes/interest.

    I see many of you managed to keep the "Entertainer"-category, which is what I started out with, but FB always changes mine to "Community" and tells me I cannot change it back.

    what's up with that? I'm not famous, but I'm still a working performer and not a community.

    EditEdit: managed to change it to the right category. Yay!
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    Now I have mine toooooo! Finally

    Still need to upload all the pictures and the videos but I promise I'll do it as soon as possible
    Follow me at Facebook - YouTube - Instagram - Twitter - Google+ - or ask me anything you like at

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="gifs website"/></a><br/><a href=""><a/>

    ~мєямαι∂ кαѕѕαи∂яα~

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    (Formerly known as Mermaid Claudia)

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    I've just recently been working on my page, it may not be where I'd like it to be until February, but if you're interested in checking it out:http://
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    Hi, please add me too! Merenneito Nerissa (Mermaid Nerissa), Merenneito is mermaid in Finnish
    Frosty Mermaid from the lonely Lapland <3

    * Etsy * Youtube * Facebook * Instagram *

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    Please add me too am still new but now have some tips and ideas to get it all started up and working thanks to Mermaid Celeste! Plan on adding other things to the crafty stuff I will do!
    User formerly known as "Mermaid Rebecca".


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    I have one that I try to post on year-round, but that mainly has action during the months I mermaid at SRF

    (I made it when my mer was still young and I had not settled on a name yet)

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    I finally have one, too! It's a bit sparse at the moment but I'm working up steam


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