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Thread: REVISED: Facebook Fan Pages as of 04/23/2013

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    Made my facebook page a lil while ago <3 I will be posting more once I have my pearlie tail <3
    User formerly known as "LittleBlue222".

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    Mermaid Mutiny also has a Facebook page!
    Mermaid Nessie
    Canadian Mermaids Inc.

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    This is my page -

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!
    Nashoba - The Native American Mermaid's Facebook

    Ka-Powell Entertainement

    "The difference between a net that catches you and a hammock that cradles you is your perspective."

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    Just made my page. Please come like me!
    Mermaid Aine ​(pronounced Anya)
    of The Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake
    And you sang "Sail to me, Sail to me, Let me enfold you, Here I am, Here I am
    Waiting to hold you"
    Song to the Siren-Jeff Buckley

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    Bit of an old thread, but I just made a Facebook character page: Triton Mahtlinnie.

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    Ooh! My mermaid page could use some love too (please!) :3
    "SeaSparkles" "Spindrift" "Enakai" "Cuddlefish" "Confused"
    Professionally performing as Enakai Fairyfish

    Enakai Fairyfish: FB | IG

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    Whoa! I didn't even know of this thread until just now... There are so many of us!

    Do you think you could perhaps add my mermaid page to the list (Mermaid Phantom: ), and/or The Magic Crafter (

    I use "The Magic Crafter" more often at the moment (it is the page for my Facebook Page for my YouTube, and has to do with mermaids, faeries, dragons, and other fairytale creatures/ all things magical. ), though I am quite active on my Mermaid page as well.
    If not, no worries! And if so... Thank you ever so much! <3
    New YouTube Videos Every Week!!
    I can be found at

    This is my tail!
    ~*~ Please call me "Phantom!" ~*~

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    So many Merfolk to follow!! Here is my page too!
    I am so grateful to part of this community!

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    This is a fabulous list! Just found so many more pages to follow i don't know if anyone is interested but I run a Facebook page as an artist, it induces my mermaid stuff, but also has other stuff...

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    This is an old thread, but here's mine

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    I recently made a page. I'd love to be included in this great list!

    Follow my mermaid journey on Instagram and Facebook <3

    Add a Splash of Magic to your mermaid-wardrobe, with beautiful sequins, silicone shells, mermaid tops and tails: shop here


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    I decided to make a Facebook page for myself at last! Not much is on it, but I hope to be sharing some of my mermaid journey and having a nice place for all my YouTube videos.
    Nerdmaid Faith Out

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    I have one FB page for both my mermaiding and my Fairy stuff:

    Sometimes Life Just Needs a Bit of Magic

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    Here's my newly created one with pics from Mermania on it:


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