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Thread: How long can you stay under?

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    How long can you stay under?

    Just wondering what is the normal time for mers to stay down? I am starting to practice to expand my lungs and get better at breathing. I do good at controling my exhaling but could be better.
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    I've gone up to just shy of 4 minutes (static) "typical" is 2 - 3 minutes (swimming/moving)
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    I can only stay under for the average of 20-30 seconds while moving (most people are like that) but static I can do a wee bit longer.

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    Moving I'm about 30 sec, though I think I recorded nearly 40 sec max but that was pushing it. Static I'm about 45-50 sec. I like to sit at the bottom of the pool often
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    Everyone is capable of doing a static of 3 minutes or longer.

    All it takes is the proper technique and good warm up.

    My personal best

    4:38 static

    3:08 Exhale static ( exhale on my last breath instead of an inhale)

    Swimming 1:42 - 72meters no fins

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    in the past 4 minutes. now on lung and a half its going on 2:10. Im working on going back to 4.

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    A measly 20 seconds. I'm working on trying to get to at least a minute.

    Moving and static, I don't see too much of a difference (yet)
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    I've hit 1:20 static finally. I used to be around 45 seconds static.

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    I think I'm at 20 static
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    Personal best 4:15 static. Haven't pushed dynamic much since the SWB. But diving at the quarry, I'm pushing 25-30 min of accumulated bottom time on my old gauge in about 1-1 1/2 hours of diving.(below 7 ft depth)

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    3:45 static after taking a freediving course, which greatly improved my breathing and taught me a lot about safety and techniques.

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    i can do 2 min static but only 1:15 with very simple swimming and tricks. gotta stay REAL calm. i think im going to do research on holding ones breath. we dont want to hurt ourselves.
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    timed my self last night so i could answer
    I am 2min 36 static and 1min 40 swimming.
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    2:15 static record
    average static is around 1:45
    I don't know what I am swimming.

    Ocean is different than a pool too, what with lungs contracting and expanding. I've definitely pushed myself to the point where my lungs are almost spasming for air as I surface. Not the safest thing to do.

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    forgot to update here that I broke 2 minutes!

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    Don't usually time, it depends on what I'm doing. Like an active lap swim a 100m free at a normal tempo is doable without a breath. Active free dive depending on what I dive with is 2-3:30.

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    I've got 2 minutes static in me, but when I get in the water I lose about 20 seconds from that!! Only about 1 minute dynamic.

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    When I try to hold my breath I get a headache! Whyyyyy?

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    I used to practice holding my breath everyday at school and everyday I got a little more and a little more. It's been a while since I've been slacking, but last I checked, I was up to just about 2 minutes.

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    Underwater <3
    50 seconds is my best when I'm not moving
    Would love to reach 1.5 mintue!!
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