So, the title of the post kinda says it all. I'm a certified Divemaster (PADI), thinking about doing the IDC. I've been tossing the idea around on and off for a couple years now. Initially I didn't think I'd want to go as far as instructor...mainly because I hate demonstrating mask skills :P I've always had a huge problem with getting water up my nose. But now that I'm getting more and more into mermaiding, I'm really wanting to tackle that problem. It seems that practicing these skills diligently could benefit both my diving and my mermaiding.

I did all my dive certifications while I lived in Australia (I did my master's degree in Queensland) and that was AWESOME, but my visa eventually expired and I had to move back to the states. I had to get a job fast and ended up working at a Oklahoma While I'm grateful for the full time pay and benefits, I definitely feel like a fish out of water here. Not a whole lot of opportunities for diving here (though surprisingly, there ARE two dive shops here in Tulsa! Whodathunk). I've spoken to the instructor/owner at one of the dive shops and he is very experienced and knowledgeable. So, while the only places to dive nearby are some lakes, the course itself is waaaaayyyyy cheaper than any other instructor course I've ever encountered. I wouldn't be able to afford another $1600 course like my DM course So....what I'm thinking is this. Maybe it would be a good opportunity to gain my Instructor certification while I can afford it, get some experience, and then be able to use that experience when I eventually move elsewhere. Thoughts?