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Thread: The Happy Thread!

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    I feel happy when I see people achieve their goals - I get real emotional for them - even if I do not know them!! I a proper mother hen, clucking away with pride
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    I kinda wish we could like what people post or say, kinda like fb. I forget that I can't, do I don't always get to show simple support. I don't always want or need to make a full comment, but sometimes to just kindof just say a quick "I approve this message", would be cool. LOL

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    I recall it being discussed before, but the add on costs quite a bit more, and there was concern about it causing issues because people can take not getting 'likes' rather personally and then there are always those who will think that's stupid, and blah blah and so on. I've been on forums where there were 'thanks' buttons, and that was pretty cool. One forum also experimented with a sort of 'dislike' and 'boo' and one gal designed the little boo button to be a ghost. hah, that was cute. In the end though, on that forum, it was decided anything other than 'thanks' would cause too much drama and the idea was abandoned. The thanks button remained, and it was really nice to have that.

    My happy today is that it's so nice to be back in my old neighborhood. First, it's hot and sunny in much of the county, but here it's been cool and overcast all day. Then I was able to watch the fog roll in, which was so nice. I've missed that. Then a very handsome fellow with blue stripes and such all over him walked up to our door to ask if someone else still lived here, and he was very nice. He also had unlit firefans in his hand.

    I seriously love this place, and am so glad to be back. AND I am stoked to think I should be able to get back to fluke sculpting next week! Now that school's done for a while, and I don't have to homeschool, and have more time to do my own thing. ::happy dance::

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