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Thread: Merbellas Or Mermaid Creations?

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    Question Merbellas Or Mermaid Creations?

    I really love the Angler fluke from Merbellas, and how pretty they turn out.. I've also seen pretty good reviews, and some gorgeous tails.

    On the other fin..

    I saw a review for Mermaid Creations, and I saw that he's really helpful on what to do, he makes sure everything is right by texting or emailing to make sure. And all that other good stuff, like caring for it, and the warranty. Plus its about 1,000 cheaper..

    I was wondering, should I save up the extra 1,000 or should I just go for the cheaper one?

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    tricky choice! I have one of both.

    Jesse's have that slimy wet look to them, and are very fluid. Raven's always have insane paint jobs, and tend to be a bit lighter. What are you planning on using it for? What type of monofin would you prefer? Are you more concerned that something be realistic, or something be very functionable? Lifetime warranty included? Hard choice!

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    I really like the slimy wet look, and the fins on the back. If only he could do something somewhat like the Angler fluke, I'd sacrifice the crazy paint jobs. His fins along the back add to that fishier look, which is why I like the Angler, cuz it looks more fish-like in my opinon. I'm all for natural, fish based tails, with fish-looking fins and such added. So it looks like you're truly half-fish. But the thing is, the white band thats supposed to blend, its a big turn off to me, because it doesnt seem to blend at all.
    I want something realistic AND functionable. I really like the lifetime warranty. I'd use it for swimming, kids parties, and anything really involving water. His are heavier? I kind of like the Competitor monofin. It is a hard choice. I also had this Merbellas tail designed and drawn by mermaidcourtney, all I needed was the funds.
    Merbellas work stuns me, yes, but I'm still torn D:
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    I know what you mean about his blended waists--I don't personally like blended waists at all, but I'm positive that Jesse could do a tail without it (and if he couldn't, I'd be shocked, lol!). Really I can easily see your tail being a GORGEOUS Jesse tail. I feel like if you're not completely sold on the Raven tail, Jesse would be a fantastic choice. The colors of your tail remind me of the tail here:

    Jesse may do custom fluke sculptures, he may not, but I don't believe he'll copy the Angler fluke. I love his flukes a lot, I didn't at first, but I do really like them. Jesse can use a competitor monofin in his tails. His tails are much heavier than Merbellas, but that comes with added durability as well.

    You can always make your own, too! If you're just COMPLETELY SOLD on the Angler fluke, then Raven is probably your best choice. But if you feel like Jesse's pros outweigh her fluke, then Jesse seems like he'd be great. If I were you, make a list of pros/cons to each tailmaker so you can figure out which one you'd prefer.

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    I am having the same only con about Jesse is that he is booked up all the way into next year!!!! So you'll need to add your willingness to be patient to that mix of pros and cons :P

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    Yeah, the only reason I didn't mention it is because she's still currently saving money. Definitely a con though. :P

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    I'll have to save up about 2,100 not to mention the price of a top I might buy from MerBellas.. I'll just design my own fluke, see if he can do that. Because I am willing to change the fluke. I'll definitely wait. It'll be the best sixteenth birthday present ever.. cuz thats probably when I'll finally have enough money. How late into next year?
    Also, would he be able to make the waist really tight? I don't like the fact that some don't seem to stick to the skin on the waist.. If he could do one without the blend, and the waist being tighter it would definitely have me sold. ^_^ Its nice to hear he could put a competitor monofin in~
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    Ah, good call on the saving up thing...missed that completely

    When I inquired about a week-ish ago, he said if I put down a deposit or paid at that time I would get my tail around March of next year...and if someone got in before I did then I'd have to add a month. So who knows how many have ordered since then. Super happy he's so popular...he's a talented guy

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    Merbellas is amazing with paint jobs. I would think to buy from Jesse if I wanted a solid 1 color tail. Otherwise the paint job is completely 100% worth it to me to pay extra. That's just my opinion though

    From what I've heard, Jesse's are heavier than Raven's. This can limit function depending on if you want to do a lot of dry or only part way in the water gigs or shoots. You really don't know just how heavy these things are until you feel one! I've heard the Merbella Studios are 20-30lbs and Mermaid Creations are anywhere from 35-50lbs. I've felt a Merbella Studios tail for myself and I was not prepared for how heavy that sucker was! I can't imagine how heavy Mermaid Creations or Mike Van Daal (FlipTails) tails are (Mike's weigh in at 50-60+lbs).

    Did I read right that you're 15? Will be 16 when you get it? I always strongly advise that anyone of younger age wait to get an expensive tail until they're done growing. I've seen people grow right out of their expensive tails and be heartbroken over it Though if you absolutely have to have it, just know later down the line you may have to invest more money to have extra height added on and it taken in (depending on how many inches you grow, measurement areas can shift enough to need that). Merbella Studios does taking in of tails, adding additional material on top, new paint, ect. I've actually heard that Mermaid Creations does do taking in of tails, but if you have it painted in such a way the taking in of seams effects the paint job it can not be re painted as the new silicone won't bond.

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    ... Okay, that right there by Iona made me change my mind. MerBellas here I come.. I'm not going to get something that cant be fixed if I grow out of it. Plus I'm in love with the Angler fluke..

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    I'm fairly sure Jesse can add onto it as well, but generally it's not a good idea to get a tail that's at all expensive if you're still young. Currently I'm saving for a MerBellas but I don't anticipate actually getting one until I'm 19 or so, which I still won't be done growing, but that'll be the extent of my being able to wait. :P

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    For me, its the kind of situation where I'll go crazy waiting, so I'll end up buying the tail, if I REALLY want something as much as I want a nice tail, and I have the money, I'll buy it, and just have them re-paint and make it a little bit bigger. I'll use the money I make with that tail, at kids parties and such towards a car. I generally don't like the idea of a part time job at a store, and would rather be paid to swim~


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