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Thread: Meet up at Pirate Fest?

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    Meet up at Pirate Fest?

    Our poor pod is so neglected....

    I know that Ren Fest isn't even half over, yet, but I was just wondering who all is gonna go to the Utah Pirate Festival this year. This'll be year 3 for it, so it's small, still.
    I was thinking if we planned it WAAY in advance, more people would be able to come.

    It will probably be the 1st or 2nd weekend in September, more than likely at Willard Bay again. (Last year it was in the South Marina)
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    It is the 13th and 14th this year, and you are correct in thinking Willard Bay.

    I'm moving to Salt Lake in the fall, and I would love to meet up with some other mers! I'll try to make it!

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    I wish there were more mers in the Rocky Mountain area. I might be coming back to CO for a little bit later this year if anyone wants to try and meet up or something.

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    Meet up at Pirate Fest?

    I thought it was going to be in Marriott-Slaterville this year. I'll check and confirm or deny.
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    Meet up at Pirate Fest?

    Confirmed! Pirate fest is at Marriott-Slaterville this year. If you know where the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire is, it's at that same site.
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    Seeing as its soon, who's going?
    formerly merana

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    Oops, And at what time(s)
    formerly merana

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    Meet up at Pirate Fest?

    Let's see...I'll be up there Friday evening and Saturday. I'm the mermaid queen. :-)

    I know Dottie and Jessica were planning on being there, as is Koral and another mermaid, Nym.

    Stop by, say hi! Make sure to tell us you know us from mernetwork. ;-)
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