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Thread: Any alternative relationships?

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    Hello, friend! About a year ago, I realized that I needed to find someone with whom I would feel comfortable, since I had just moved to another state, respectively, I had no friends. I found sofia dating and started chatting. I was looking for a friend, but I found a guy! I am insanely happy, his name is Steve, and we have been together for almost 7 months.

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    Hi. What should I do if my sister looks at old men? It's not normal! I think you should date people your own age.

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    What's wrong with your sister wanting a secure future and therefore looking for a sugar daddy? Personally, I don't see anything wrong with that. Maybe your sister will be lucky enough to find not only a wealthy man, but the love of her life. You should advise her to look straight from the source, since these sites are the most appropriate ones to look for what she needs.

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