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Thread: What is proper?

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    I'd like to try free diving this weekend. I'll report my results afterwards.

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    I tried my first real breath hold today and ended up at 1'20". I've always been naturally good at relaxing, but all of the info you guys have been tossing around is very helpful. Thank you.

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    I've been busy. Baleen whales take a huge breath and dive well below the krill/fish, blow a huge ring of bubbles, and surface in the center of the ring. The ring concentrates the prey for them to scoop up. If you're in the water, swim away from any bubble rings comming to the surface, or your new name is going to be Jonah!

    Practiced this morning with static 1:1's for 30 min and 2:2's for 30 min. Surprized that I didn't have much problem on the 2 min holds, as I haven't practiced for 4 months.


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