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Thread: Share your mermaid hair pics!

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    I don't post alot on here but i thought my multiple colors deserved to be seen! I dye my hair so often, it is a new color every month practically! I first started out with doing just the tips on my super virgin hair😂
    And i fell in love with doing it so i did it again and again!
    Then i decided to take the plunge and go ALL in!

    Looking at this picture makes me want to do ombre again!
    Then i tried something new

    And i fell in love with the style so (once again) i did it again and again!

    That blue and green ended up matching my custom tail perfectly!
    And after a few weeks that blue and green turned into.... whatever this is

    But i will be doing something new very soon. Just don't know what yet! Any ideas?

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    Looooove it

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    I love the half-and-half look! Such pretty colours, too.
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    (Sorry for the big pic!) I'm currently trying to grow my hair out as long as I can while maintaining my curls.

    Name:  mermaid hair.png
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    Those colour combos are awesome!!! Mermaid Jaiden!
    Mermaid Lazuli, those curls. Wow. <3

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    Itís been a minute and my new position doesnít allow me to do funky colors again. Before

    And now itís just buzzed and loooong.

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