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Thread: Share your mermaid hair pics!

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    Share your mermaid hair pics!

    There have been a couple threads about mermaid hair and swimming and stuff, but I'm pretty sure there isn't yet one where we can all share pics of our hair like the ones where we can share our tails or tail designs. So let's all show off our hair! Long or short, colored or embellished or not, I'm sure we all have lovely, unique mermaid hair that we can be proud of I've been growing my hair out for some years now, and I usually keep it braided and pinned back to keep it protected and out of the way, but sometimes I let it down to show it off a bit. Here's a quick picture I got of it yesterday. I'm pretty sure this is the longest it has ever been.

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    I want to see pictures of everyone's mer-hair!
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