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Thread: Share your mermaid hair pics!

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    sorry theyre so big =/

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    oh my goodness, all of you are so beautiful! merEmma-- you are so adorable, I can't even get over it!
    here is mine..

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    soooo....clearly, I am into hair I post on The Long Hair Loom (google it!) hair care forum and I get a lot of great advice there. I also use hairforks, which are a great accessory for longer hair and mermaids, too! They look really's a photo of some that I use on mermaid gigs..

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    I buy them on etsy (grah toe studios) and they are worth the investment.

    Thanks for starting this thread!
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    I am seriously jelly of everyone's hair. So many of you have thick and luxurious hair! Not to mention LONG! When I was younger, I was put on a medication that thinned my hair drastically. I've tried so many things to get my hair thicker (vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, pulling on it, etc.) but nothing really works. I know I make it worse, since I love dying my hair lol. I have had about every color in the rainbow on my head. Currently, my hair is bordering on the 'normal' side. It was supposed to be a dark red, but its more of a mousy brown. Here's the hilariously awesome part though. IN the sun, you can see that I dyed over teal. In the sun, you get to see flashes of red (on the top and underside) and flashes of greenish teal (in the middle) lol.
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    Here is my "mermaid hair":

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    And this is my "natural hair" (short and curly)

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    I love your hair Avalon! Hair forks and sticks are great, I have a red wooden hair stick that I always use to put my hair up in a bun, it's my favourite thing to use for keeping my hair up and out of everything (it tends to get EVERYWHERE when I wear it out hahaha)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kailani View Post
    I mean 100% no offense by my following statement:

    1. Improve health
    ·Eat better
    ·Exercise more (improves blood flow)
    ·Make sure you're getting the essential vitamins for YOUR body

    2. Fish oil can help. We recommend it for pet owners whose pets have dry, damage or patchy hair.
    ·It will improve your scalp health
    ·It may improve hair strength

    3. Check your shampoo and conditioner.
    ·Too many chemicals can damage your hair after prolonged use.
    ·You may be allergic to them and not even know. (Does your scalp itch or "break out" after washing?)
    ·Get the right type for your hair (Don't get stuff that is for people with thick curly hair if your hair is straight and thin, vice versus.)

    4. Check your family tree
    ·How many people in your family have long thick hair?
    ·How many have thin frizzy hair?
    ·Does someone have thin hair, but a lot if it?
    ·How many members have premature thinning or balding?

    5. Maintainence
    ·Do you brush your hair from bottom to top to prevent breakage or do you just rip right through it?
    ·Do you have the right brush for your hair type?
    ·Are you using combs?
    ·Are you using proper care after dying it? (If applicable)
    ·Are you getting trims to keep your ends from splitting more?

    6. Massage your scalp (I've heard this helps

    Hope that helps! Sorry it's so long!

    I 'm doing option 1 for quite a few years no
    w, but i'll check out the other points! Thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aino Revontuletar View Post
    I have tailbone length hair but it has taken me quite a few years to grow it and find the right hair products and routine that works for me. I suggest strongly that you join, as they have all the information you could possibly want on hair and more. I lurked around there a lot for quite a number of months trying different things, including methods of washing hair that don't use shampoo (I am back to using shampoo a couple times a week now, I think my hair just likes it better and it is easier to comb through and I get less shedding when I shampoo it, so shampoo it is!). What really helped me was finding the right comb for me and just learning about my hair type and how to take care of it in general, as well as investing in a good hair vitamin and using extra virgin olive oil on the lengths and ends to moisturise them, otherwise they are nice and crispy and split a lot. The bottom half of my hair has been chemically dyed in the past. (I stopped that habit because I wanted long hair and started just using veggie dyes instead and went green, which I have to top up every two weeks) The chemically dyed hair isn't in top condition but I trim it a little once every few months and it is ok. I never thought my hair would ever grow past bra-strap length but here it is at tailbone and still growing! I have very fine, thin blonde hair a lot like yours and honestly if I can do it you can too! Good luck
    Thanks for the advice! <3

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    yo corte la foto bastante, por dimensiones
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    Thanks!: D : D

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidHyli View Post
    All natural redhead =]
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    SO FREAKING UBER JEALOUS. <3 Gimme your hair.
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    My hair

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    WOW Little Orca!! Your hair is gorgeous and you look like a porcelain doll!

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    These aren't the best pics, but oh well. And they're huge! Sorry about that. Mraaah.

    This stupid selfie I took at the airport (at two in the morning, sigh) is the only picture I have on this computer that really shows the length of my hair, haha.

    Attachment 11840

    Aaaand another;

    Attachment 11841

    Not really mermaid hair. It's pin straight and black. Bleeeh.
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    No one ever said mermaids can't have straight black hair!

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    There is so much pretty hair in this thread! I really love your updos, Mermaid Avalon. And those forks, I'm going to try some myself.

    I honestly love having very long hair, but I find myself putting it up a lot because there is a lot of wind here at the coast.

    I have only one pic that shows my hair and is recent. My daughter and I were being silly in front of the camera so I have a silly face. My hair here was to about my tailbone (but layered, and V shaped at the end), and the green is a faded aquamarine that is mostly on the end twelve inches or so, just on a layer a few inches deep under the rest of it, and was pinned up so it showed. I recently cut a lot off, it's now waist length when wet, shorter when dry because it waves up a lot. It'll be back to hip length in no time.

    ps. My daughter's face is cropped out, I don't like her pic online for personal reasons. I *rarely* put pics of ME online. It might not be here long, haha.

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    All the hair! <3 <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by MermaidHyli View Post
    All natural redhead =]
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    redheads are some of the sexiest people on the planet. You are exquisite <3
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