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Thread: I need help with something..

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    I need help with something..

    1. Not sure if I posted this in the right location or not..

    2. I am trying to start and indiegogo, but the picture is messing up. I try and add a collage, I resize a mermaid pic to the required size, and it messes up. I really need to start funding for this tail though, since my boyfriend and I are already trying to fund it. He's not much help sadly, and I only have $100 ... So I'm about $3,900 short.. I would be offering things, but in order for me to even start this its saying I need a picture D:

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    Try using one photo and do they give you an option for a video? that could be used for all the photos you want to show.I'm no photo expert,but i love helping when it comes to making dreams come true! try a collage in fotoflexer or something like that. maybe it will hold better? or make it smaller than it needs to be,but copy the photo so you still have the other size.
    hope something i wrote can help you.
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    Ive used icons, Ive used random pictures, small. I've resized the pic I wanted to use, I've tried everything I could think of, nothings working

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    What are the height/width requirements? I know to post things on here, I've had to resize. I think.I just put them in paint, went to edit and adjusted the size.
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