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Thread: August Outdoor Pool/Stanley Park Meetup

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    August Outdoor Pool/Stanley Park Meetup

    Hello Mers!

    I am planning a meetup in Vancouver...I don't have an exact itinerary down just yet, but it should be on August 17th.

    We are hoping to either visit one of the heated outdoor saline pools, or if there is a suitable beach, we might go swimming there (more exposure, more people). I was thinking either Third Beach in Stanley Park or Spanish Banks near UBC.

    Depending on cost, it might also be nice to visit the Vancouver Aquarium.

    We're hoping to have some of our Washington Mers come up to join us, either for the day or for the weekend.

    Just wanted to let you know!
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    Re: August Outdoor Pool/Stanley Park Meetup

    Never been to Canada
    If anyone from the US drives in, you shouldn't need a passport, a enhanced drivers license should be fine. You can get that at the DMV a lot cheaper than a passport.
    Unfortunately I won't be able to come... Have fun though! I know it will be great! Take Lots of pics!

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    I'll be able to make this one!

    I'm really excited for this!

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    I should be able to make it! Huzzah!


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