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    Customer Service Foxmoon/

    Hey guys, has anyone else had any sort of recent experience with Foxmoon Productions or their tailmaking branch, Merfolk Tails? I have been saving up and might finally have enough for a big purchase soon, and since I've been a fan of their website for years (even before I knew about the Mernetwork) and they seem to offer a lot of customization for fabric tails, I wanted to try them out for my first tail.

    However, a week ago I followed their website's advice and sent them an email asking questions about the different pricing options, since I was confused by the cost of certain kinds and numbers of fins, and I still haven't heard anything back. Is there something going on with them that has them too busy to respond to a pricing question, or are they no longer in business?

    Here is a copy of my email... am I perhaps using an outdated address?

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    Questions about diaphanous material for merfolk tails‏

    Martin Manco



    Dear Foxmoon Productions,

    I love your website and have been looking at the merfolk tails with envy for awhile. I am finally saving up for one, with lots of extra fins planned, but I'm a bit confused by one piece of language on the page. Your site says that Diaphanous material is $5.00 for each additional placement beyond the fluke, but if I were ordering pectoral fins/side fins, pelvic/ventral fins, arm fins, or ear fins, would each of those sets of fins count as two placements of diaphanous material (one for each individual right and left fin) or just one placement (for each kind of fin set)? I'd like to know so I can tell how much to save up.

    I am thinking about getting an upper and lower dorsal fin, belly fin, ventral fins, arm fins, and ankle fins, with diaphanous material on all the fins (and the flukes). Since that is six kinds of fins (not counting the diaphanous material that I already asked you about above), would that count as a fin set 2 (for four of the fin options) and a fin set 1 (for the other two)? Or am I only allowed one fin set package per order? Would I be better off ordering the Ani-Mer deluxe package in the "Special Packages" page even if I'm not that interested in Ear fins, or would all the extra diaphanous material make me ineligible for that special package? I am uncertain of the options/appearance of "custom shaped fluke" as well, and I've even been considering side fins (with diaphanous material) as well, which I figure would make me unable to qualify for that package and possibly complicate the fin set options as well.

    Sorry for the confusion, and hope to do business with you soon.


    - Martin J. Manco

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    I want to add that they did eventually get back to me, and apologized for the delay. They were very helpful, in fact.

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    I'm glad to hear that you got their attention. Are you still thinking about purchasing one of their tails?

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    Yeah, especially after they went through the trouble to respond to my questions. The place I was working just went out of business, though, so I'm holding off until I have gainful employment (and taking the opportunity to do sit-ups and gymming it like crazy to lose some of my tummy)

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    I have her as a friend on FB, she was super swamped for a bit there doing tails for Marianas Trench! Glad she got back to you.

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    Marianas Trench is awesome (I loved Cross My Heart and Hope to Die) and it was memorial day weekend... I was getting worried when I didn't hear from them, but it was largely worry due to uncertainty, not reputation

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