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Thread: Silicone like Flip Tails?

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    Unhappy Silicone like Flip Tails?

    I ran into Flip tails recently and I was amazed by how awesome the tails are!
    I would totally buy one but its so expensive, I will never be able to afford it.

    But I was curious! Does anyone know what type of Latex or Silicone they use? Links?
    And is there a monofin in his designs? Cause, out of habit I would totally make it myself, I usually give anything a go myself and if I cannot make it I buy it, and I make alot of my clothes and jewelry cause it saves money and when I'm broke I just do everything by hand. I'm VERY DIY.

    I wish there was another way instead of using ALEX. Has anyone found a way besides ALEX? Is everyone holding back on the secrets?

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    Neotail is a huge advocate about using slip cast latex and latex thickener.
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    Yes, Neotail also will answer your questions. I asked about using the latex and such. Same process as with the ALEX, you just use latex instead.
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    Oh awesome! Thank you!

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    I think part of why people dont give out secrets is because they're usually the people sitting there trying to figure it all out and dont want to be responsible for when something goes wrong for someone else. Also, when Raven had a tutorial up like everyone and their dog used it and didn't credit her. There was even a case of a tail maker using it and charging a small fortune when she intended it to be for people who couldn't afford tails. I know she was really hurt by that- and I know a lot of people get their feelings hurt when people dont even say hello, just demand tail making details time and time again.

    Melbel has a good visual tutorial on her DA for Alex, I am wondering myself if the same tutorial can be used with something other than Alex and I know she is testing. Andrew also has a thread here where he's been documenting all his progress of trying different things out for tail making.

    Mike actually went to school to learn his SPFX stuff, I dont think it's the kinda thing you can easily learn from the internet, he took hours and hours of classes and did project after project. From what I understand he doesn't have monofins unless you specifically request it- he has a stiff foot pocket. I know people who have been on his waitlist since April so I doubt anyone will hear anything for a while. His main focus is not being a tail maker he has like 3 jobs or something.

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    I totally understand about not wanting to let your time and effort get ripped off. I totally had it first hand.

    Those people always makes it hard for people who really intend to do it for personal, non-profit uses.
    I want a tail for me. I'm not gonna sell the idea and rip it off cause its not my idea and i respect and appreciate the time and effort the person who made the tutorial.

    I am really sorry that happened to Raven. :[

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    Neotail makes all his tails using slip cast latex and latex thickener, as I said in the other thread. He said he just used that but otherwise followed the tutorial exactly.

    Mike uses slip cast latex and dragon skin silicone for his tails.

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    Slip cast latex? Is that stuff rather thin and liquidy, or have I heard wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Lorelei View Post
    Slip cast latex? Is that stuff rather thin and liquidy, or have I heard wrong?
    It is thin but you would use latex thickener to make it thicker I bought a gallon of latex for about 50 dollars, I will try to find the link...
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