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Thread: Mermaid Creations By Merman Jesse. "Live the dream. Be the Fantasy."

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    That is an awesome tail!! Great job Jesse
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    I had a weird dream last night where you sent me a mermaid tail by mistake but it fit me perfectly. I had to send it back to you. xD

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    Wonderful job Jessie!!!! The tail for Sasha look incredible!!!!

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    I already saw this in person, and as I've said before it was STUNNING! Great work Jesse!

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    i find Jesses tails sooo much more attractive than Erics or mikes, the scales are so much better so are the colors!

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    im also getting a tailfrom jesse..willhave it in 8 days. debut at merpalooza... he has been a joy to work with..lots of updates and so willing to make changes to suitmy vision!

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    Wow ! Sasha's mermaid tail is just...awsome !


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