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Thread: Jazz's H2o Style Silicone Mermaid Tail Process

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    I just found this pic in my camera roll! My hair looks cool xD I'm hoping that progress for the next tail will be starting soon. School has just started and I'm in 7th grade so I won't have as much time, but I try to fit making tails in my free time

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    Awesome! You look great!

    Good luck in 7th! When it gets tough, just keep swimming!

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    Jazz your tail is fabulous! Even looks like you were able to make a transparent trailing edge on your flukes! Beautiful pix! Have a great time in school, that comes first before more tails! LOL!

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    Tail repair. Adjusting the ankles to fit my size. I will repaint the tail sometime soon by adding some aqua and more green.
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    Any updates on repairing the ankles? I'm curious about how that worked out!

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    I worked out great, I couldn't make it perfect, but I'll just leave it alone to show the mistakes a made on my first tail, and how I'll improve later on. I just painted part of my new tail though!
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    Love the new one! Tell me how much (pounds ounces or gallons) silicone did you use on each tail?

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    Last one I used 2 gallons, wasted a lot, made thicker castings. I recommend one gallon which is what I'm using for this tail, but make sure your castings are fairly thin and not too thick.

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    Oh wow! This tail is so gorgeous! You are such a talented mer, Jazz! Do you sell these? Id love to buy one if i could afford the tails you make... they look soooo expensive! You must have worked so hard! And it turned out so beautiful!
    Mermaid Myrthe, the mer without a tail, but with the spirit of a mermaid.

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    I'm hoping to sell soon at an affordable price, but I need more practice since I'm new. Most of the money paid for each tail will be donated to my foundation:

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    I have a few questions
    How was the drag from the water on the top of the tail?
    Did you get any air bubbles in your tail?

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    It wasn't tight on my waist so a flap would come up near my butt. The new tail is made is extremely tight and nice and doesn't have that problem.

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    hello, I have not understood very well how you've managed to paint, paint you used psycho?or you have added naphtha or I touleno to silicone with the pigment? I hope your answer, thank you very much.
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    This thread hasn't been updated in two years. Maybe next time check the date before posting?

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    Gotta love necro-posting..

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    This entire website is basically dead, and this thread is one of the best threads available for tailmaking. Are we *really* going to get mad at people for asking questions here?


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