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Thread: mer self drawing and it's totally free!

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    mer self drawing and it's totally free!

    okay, i've been bored out of my mind lately and couldnt come up with anything to draw. so i'm offering drawings of people as merfolk for free! yep. totally free! and in color (if you want). i will actually be sending them to you too so you can hold it in your hands . the drawings will be on bristol board. Sadly, there's only 3 spots open for this so its a first come first serve bases thing. if you're interested pm me. you can see some of my drawings in my gallery here or on DA : (beware: i did most of the new ones during summer brake so i've gotten better....way better) post any questions you may have below(if you think someone else might be thinking the same thing) Also,i'll need a reference picture of you and your tail if you're chosen.

    1-Hannah mermaid
    2-Mermaid jewel
    3-mermaid aqua
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    ive got a stock account on da raine-angelstock once in my gallery you can click "mermaid folder" on the left hand side for lots of mermaid stock!

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    I'l take a spot!!!

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    I'll take one too!
    Mermaid Jewel

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    ill take one! i want one really bad! always have, theres a spot on my wall that needs a special something

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    I'll take a spot if there is still one available...

    Also, your art is lovely! I love a good gallery...

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    here they are! the finished pictures. i have no idea at all how to post a thumb of them here.

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    HEY! have you sent them yet? im so excited!

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    yep! i've sent yours. (i have no idea how long it'll take to get there though)

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    Hey I don't know if you feel like doing any more, but I would love one if you get bored again! ^^

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    awsome can't wait! its not here yet but as soon as it is its getting framed!


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