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Thread: Would anyone be willing to make me an ariel inspired top?

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    Would anyone be willing to make me an ariel inspired top?

    Don't want sea shells, and I don't know if I'm sold on the silicone bra top either because of the expense through Mertailor. Getting my tail from Mertailor. It will be a night event, so I was thinking something perhaps purple metallic that ties around the neck for support. I am looking at Etsy and such but I thought I'd ask here. I was in love with one silicone top that one user made her but she hasn't been active since Feb. My email is or you can PM me. Any ideas? Thank you!
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    Merbella Studios on Etsy makes shell tops as well!

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    She has a specific Mermaid Ariel top too now, but you might have to rush it as she's been so busy lately.

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    I can make you one from sequins and beads
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    I do a lot of tops in dragonskin silicone. I can make it if you are interested =] pm me or email at

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