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    Question shark angels

    does this seem like a good group?the info is great but i thought the videos were a bit too extreme and i wanted to get some opinions on it.

    does it make you want to help or turn it off? reminds me of PETA
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    I think it's bad that so many sharks are killed but I don't think it's safe to not have some kind of netting or something to keep them separated from people on beaches because even if it is not likely that they attack they still potentially can
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    I think you will find it especially worthwhile to watch the documentary Sharkwater (one of my all-time favorite movies). The video you linked showed some of the Shark Angels being affiliated with the Sea Shepherd, and that's probably why they seem a little extreme. However, the Sea Shepherd is in several ways, a very reputable society, and very very legitimate. When you refer to PETA are you talking about the animal rights extremists? Because those people are actually not affiliated with PETA at all, but are acting on their own, as far as I know. Media outlets like to "group" things together for easier organization, but I've never heard of PETA actually condoning or supporting any of the acts that were performed with their name and in most cases, actually denied any involvement.

    That being said, I've personally swum with sharks countless times in both Hawaii and Australia and never once have I felt that I was in any danger. But I do believe that the video is telling the truth about how many sharks are being killed. Sharkwater will show you through statistics that vending machines kill more people per year than sharks do (due to a census done in 2009) and in the past 10 years (or something like that) there has never been a death due to a shark attack (only blood loss, which isn't the same thing, because a lot of other factors must be weighed in before an official "cause of death" is determined).

    In any case your question of if the Shark Angels is a good group is sort of difficult to answer. I have personally not really heard of them until now, which is probably embarrassing for me, since I'm a shark advocate. If you're trying to have your mermaid persona affiliated with them, that's something that I think is your choice entirely. Hannah Fraser has done work with Sea Shepherd, I think, so having an extreme stance on something might work out in your favour.
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    By the way, I urge the mer community to never use shark products, farmed or killed humanely or whatever. Prehistoric ones are okay I guess, if you absolutely must, and so are factory made plastic products, but they still promote the idea that sharks should be killed and other people might be inclined to buy real ones instead of buying prehistoric or fake ones by accident. Products and advertisements these days really brainwash people into forgetting the consequences of their choices because people never see "behind the scenes". I should know, this is what my major focuses on. It's really not okay, guys.
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    the movie sharwater is deffs a yes. one of my favorites as well.


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