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Thread: UGH i dont even know what to do anymore

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    UGH i dont even know what to do anymore

    So i havent been on MN in a long time, and reading through i am seeing a lot of new info. Stevi apparently is offering refunds, but then is blocking people on facebook inquiring about refunds, and a bunch of people are in the same boat as me. I'm going to open a dispute through paypal, and hopefully that will get her attention. I just want my money back, its almost a year since i ordered and i simply cant do this any longer. anyone have any suggestions what to do?
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    A friend of mine has been waiting over a year

    I think opening a dispute is a good start

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    Yes, she has done the same to me. We should at least count how many mers have this same problem.
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    Sounds like a good place to start, sorry that this is happening to you... Good luck
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    I'm very sorry to hear about all the people who are still having problems getting their tails or refunds. Hope it all gets worked out!

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    I wonder if some sort of class action thing can happen?

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    I'm all for class action.

    I bought my tail back in October, was told I'd have my tail around Christmas and I haven't heard from Stevi since January... It's just not fair. I'd be fine waiting if she wasn't completely ignoring me... I feel like she stole from me =\
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    Well, she did. Basically.
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    We should get a tally of how many people are still waiting for their tail. From this thread, I can count 3, but I know there are more.
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    I'm very much still waiting on my refund and haven't heard a thing in months nor does she return emails anymore.

    BBB doesnt seem to be any use (Can't find anywhere to report her) Paypal says there isn't anything they can do since its been more then 45 days (I ordered in November) and thats all I can do as a Canadian really.

    I'm beyond amazed that Stevi would just steal my money.

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    I have ordered a latex mermaid tail and top back on October 1st 2012 and later paying a partial silicone upgrade on November 10th 2012. I never had a chance to see my mermaid tail come home. No updates neither. I'm currently thinking of either making my own tail or comission another mermaid tail maker. It saddens me that I won't be able to do mermaiding this summer and I hope that everyone will be cautious not to buy from Fish Butts until case is solved. I'm worried that I will lose my initial investment but I am not the only one out there. Thanks.

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    wow, I'm sorry this is happening to you guys. I feel terrible, hopefully she said she's doing some partials now, and hopefully you'll get them soon, but I know that doesn't make up for lost time. :-/
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    I'm still waiting for a tail. She said mine should be done by early Aug-Late July so we'll see. What I don't completely understand is when I got my first tail from her (back when Mermaid Parties was still a thing) she always emailed me back within 24-48 hours and she ALWAYS answered my questions! She even offered me a discount for being a good sport! Now I can't get the discount or my questions answered! What the H*LL?!?!?!?! And who is this Rose person? When I emailed Stevi she emailed me back saying Stevi would get back to me and that was over 3 months ago....
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    Hi everyone, you can add me to your tally count. I ordered a tail 10 months ago. Even though Stevi promised me more than once that my tail was on its way, I never received it. I highly doubt that she ever even started on it.
    I learned from Paypal's website that a dispute must be filed within 45 days of the placing an order. So unfortunately, my money is probably gone forever, BUT I really wish for Stevi's Paypal account to be blocked from receiving any more funds, so that more people don't get robbed of their money! I also wrote a letter to Paypal to please investigate. I don't know if it will do any good, or if anything will come out of it. Perhaps if they get more complaints from other people, they will do something.
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    Me too! I ordered 2 tails last year, got nothin.

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    Same here...ordered a tail and top for my daugher back in October 2012 and have been going through the same issue as all of you...

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    This is insane!! Adam martyn was driven into hiding for less than this! He stole money from 3 or 4 mers. Stevi should stop taking orders to pay for old orders and instead get a line of credit so she can get caught up.

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    This is just crazy. I myself have never ordered a tail from her, and I don't plan on doing so, but you can add my friend to the tally count for sure. She doesn't post much on here anymore but what I say is true. She ordered her tail in I believe October or November (so sorry, I forgot which one) And was told she would get her tail maybe after Christmas, if not before. Keep in mind this was going to be her only Christmas present. Afterwards they payed a rush fee to ensure it got there by Christmas... and obviously, nothing. No emails, no updates, and not surprising- blocked from Facebook when she simply asked for an update on her tail. Plus, Stevi SAID that her tail had been started, and would be shipped out soon. Lies.
    My friend has to go through so much in her life, and this isn't helping at all.
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    I cant believe she actually kept this up!
    I was an original Mermaid for Stevi when she first began and let me say she really overloaded herself from the beginning. After I ordered my second tail and a tail for my niece she kept putting others orders above mine and from there I was getting annoyed. I'm very glad I got my money back before all this happened but I do hope something is done to get all your money back as well.

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    I am not the admin of this page, it was started yesterday and I totally support and back it! If you have been burned, ripped off, or left out to dry then join this group and lets make voice a pod of voice to be heard! Ps. You can also report their page as a scam, if a company is continuing to take money from its clients and NOT delivering on any promises, then it is a SCAM and its ILLEGAL
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