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Thread: Are there any Flagstaff, AZ Mermaids

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    Red face Are there any Flagstaff, AZ Mermaids

    Hello! I was wondering if there are any Flagstaff Mermaids out there? A friend and I want to start a mermaid club where we meet and swim!

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    nope, I live in Maricopa, Though next year I'll hopefully be attending NAU. I can convince my parents to drive up to swimming holes during the summer though.

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    Way, way too far from the ocean. :(
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    I just joined. I'm in the Phoenix area, and make it up to Flagstaff/Sedona a few times a year for rock climbing. I didn't know there was mermaiding in Arizona. Nice to meet everyone!

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    I am brand new to mermaiding but HELLO I am in flagstaff . At least for another year or two.

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    haha yeah our pod is kinda big, I think we have 20 ppl in the fb group? Most mers are in the phoenix/mesa area and even I'm only in Flag for the school term then I go back to Maricopa (the city not the county)

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    I’m in Verde valley

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    Hey! I'm not exactly in Flag, and I'm still saving for a tail but I'm about an hour away (Dilkon) and I've been wanting to find some mers near me and form a pod!


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