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Thread: Seaweed HELP!!!

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    Seaweed HELP!!!

    OK, long story short, but I went to the beach today and came back home with a HUGE amount of seaweed. I'm drying it out and plan to use it in crafts for my Etsy shop...

    The only thing is I don't know what to make with seaweed!!! Any creative and unique ideas out there?

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    Hmmm, what type of seaweed is it? Could you describe it or post a picture?
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    What Danielle said would help. But also you can try to make a top out or it or jewelry or hairpieces. Or even make some kind of frame or something.
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    Ooh! What I would totally do is what I've been looking for fake seaweed for - put it (dry) in little tiny necklace bottles with some colored mineral oil, and some glitter or sand or little pearls, like this! I love the vial the crafter made it in, I just have little bottles with corks that I have to figure out how to seal so the oil stays inside (natural cork is a diffuser).

    Or make a beach in a bottle: dried seaweed, sand, little shells (maybe glitter... I love glitter LOL), no liquid.

    wreaths for around the house or on the head? I like the idea of a seaweed head-wreath (like the flower wreaths at renfair)... maybe with little shells scattered here and there instead of flowers

    stick some inside a piece of casted resin jewelery... use as a texture for polymer clay (press it into the clay, then remove for a cool print), bookmarks (make the same way you would make pressed flower bookmarks), put some in a shadowbox with sand and other beach finds to hang on the wall... or just frame some on some nice paper in a regular frame from the thrift shop.

    I'm so jealous of your haul :3

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