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Thread: Mers In Pittsburgh?

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    Sure! That'd be fun! Early June-ish? The local pool opens on Memorial Day weekend.
    Yea! That definitely works for me!

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    Lived in Pittsburgh for a year (absolutely hated it), but I'm only about 3 hrs away now. I'd be willing to go back for a short visit if it meant haning out with other mermaids and maybe a visit to Dobra Also, the LA Fitness in Bridgeville has a saline pool and LA Fitnesses supposedly allow tails. I don't have a tail of my own yet-- want to get my breath hold longer before I invest-- but the LA Fitness here in Columbus allows them.

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    Hey all, I didn't forget about a potential meet-up, I just got really distracted with life. Is there still interest in arranging a meet-up at my local mermaid-friendly pool in Bellvue PA sometime this month? (The LA fitness thing probably won't work for me-- you probably need a membership to swim there, right?)
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