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Thread: mermaid melody cosplay!!

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    Cool mermaid melody cosplay!!

    i want to do a mermaid melody cosplay.i decided to be coco since i took a personality test.seems cool. but what i really want to know is if anyone on here would cosplay with me? im attend cons all over AZ so im constantly going to these things. i would love to have a group of all the mermaids of the show.
    i AT LEAST want to know who your favorite character from the show is.
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    i was gonna cosplay hanon for pcc this year! do you still want a group? (not that two mermaids count as a group XD) are you going as he mermaid form, transformed form, or school uniform? because i was going as hanon's transformed form

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    OMG I love MMPPP <333 My favorite character has to be Sara! I actually considered making her mermaid form costume just to swim around in at home :3 Though I never ended up doing that, if I ever go to future cons I may go as her idol form if I find time to make the costume ^_^


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    Um, I could never really get into reading that manga. Could someone give me an overview on the characters and what happens? When trying to read it, things happened too quickly with not enough explanation
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    I bought material for a Luchia cosplay years ago and it's still sitting in my fabric closet... I stopped watching the series at around episode 20, so I never got to see anyone past Pink, Blue and Green... But I do love Purple/Violet because it's my favorite color ^_^

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    awesome! im doing lina at some point. probably PCC. i know i girl who does Sara and would love to have a hanon, luchia, and i would do the mermaid form because i find it easier to make.
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    Yeah I'm the same as most of you.I made it to volume 7 but then I noticed that it was starting to repeat alot and I couldn't take it because I knew how every single chapter and fight would end

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    What's it about?
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    its a mahou shoujo(magical girl) manga about these mermaid princesses who live on land because someone is trying to take over the ocean and the 7(?) kingdoms. each princess has a pearl which holds her power to sing and they fight the bad guys with their songs. it was very entertaining at first but got old quick for me.

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    aww i love mermaid melody, my faves are lucia and karen, i wish i was over there lol. i finished the manga, it did get better at the end

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    I made myself 3 Coco-cosplays (normal outfit, super idol and mermaid)

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    I know this thread is rather old, but for you MMPPP cosplays...
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    I am soooo tempted to do a school version of Lucia, because my cosplay buddies say I sound like her human self when I sing. =.= Not to mention I can sing some of the songs... But I'm too tall... T^T
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    Hanon she is just like me our personalities are so similar and shes so great I'm working on her mer cosplay now

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    I am planning to cosplay Luchia at the beginning of 2014 possibly for a convention

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    Aw that would be so cute! Wish you luck.

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    Thankyou for the encouragement I have no doubt I will doing it next year ^^

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    Re: mermaid melody cosplay!!

    Mermaid Melody was actually the anime tha got me into anime, and I have all seven volumes of he manga. <3

    I was Hannon for Halloween three or four year ago, and it was my first cosplay, so it was rwally bad, but I enjoyed it a lot. This show has a really special place in my heart.

    A few years ago, I found a Pichi forum, but it got aken down. It did, however, lead me to a fanfic entitld Ride the Wild Surf on, and that will always be in my list of top fics (this is me telling you to go read it )
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    the title of this thread unnerved me.

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    Hey all~~

    I posted this as a thread in the chatterbox, but I feel like this is also a great place to post the same info for any that may have missed it otherwise--I am a big fan of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and have recently discovered a really cute forum about it and would like to share here for any fans who would like to join:

    I would really appreciate if anyone would at least check it out--I think it would be great to get a larger group of active users on this site and more people involved in the fan community. With such a great anime, it's a shame to miss out on collaborating with other fans.

    You can contact me on the site under the username 'DiamondPearlVoice"--hope to hear from you all soon!

    ~~Aiera (Dia)


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