Hiiiiiiiiiii Guuuuuyyyyss!

So since my last post (which is where I explained my "experience " with Stephanie from Fish Butts)
i had gotten Great news from Paypal saying that my claim was being processed from my credit card company! And guess what I received in my bank account today All of my money back (minus currency conversion costs)

so I'm here to tell you that there is hope

Now for those of you waiting for tails/ refunds from Stephanie I'm telling you from experience your probably aren't going to get it from her sorry to be honest! But your can get it back by filing a payment dispute through your credit card company.

You will need to go to your branch tell them your situation don't be afraid to tell them it's for a mermaid tail they need to know and yes your might get weird looks lol they will print out a form to fill out and will ask you to print out your Paypal transactions with her and your email conversations! Now before I go own you must be under (150 days of waiting) for your product! For those of yourbeyound this point sorry but there's not much you can do besides sue her!

Once you have everything preferably have written confirmation from Stephanie saying " your tail will be shipped to you on this date" to prove that she has lied about shipping dates!

Then leave it with your company they will contact PayPal for you then hopefully after examining all the evidence you will forward a refund straight to you after about a month

hopefully this help a lot of you out there