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Thread: Aussie Mer meet ups? (Details inside)

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    Aussie Mer meet ups? (Details inside)

    So I'm expecting my tail to arrive this week and I was wondering if there are any mers in the northern NSW/Southern QLD area who's be keen for a meet up and swim, a potentially ongoing thing?

    ALSO I'm going on a cruise early November, so I'll be in Sydney (with my tail) on the 27th-29th of October if any Sydney locals wanted to meet up for a swim?

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    I wish I could!! Unfortunately uni has me very restricted in my time. and I'm half way through just getting the materials for my tail! I'm yet to stop procrastinating and actually do something!!
    But if you do it again let me know! I'm in Brisbane and we travel down to South Gold Coast (just north of the NSW border) every fortnight.
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    I would freaking love to. My tail is still in the works, but I'd love to meet up anyway for a swim if people are keen - with my tail eventually, if it's an ongoing thing.

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    Does your Cruise happen to come by Adelaide? If so, I would be very happy to swim with you!

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