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Thread: Unboxing of my Silicone Mermaid Creations Tail!

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    Unboxing of my Silicone Mermaid Creations Tail! Video 1 of 2 Video 2 of 2

    Sadly my phone cut out in the middle so I had to re-shoot it, but overall I am THRILLED with the tail.

    I am taking it for a swim in about an hour with my underwater camera to test the fit and swim! Wish me luck!

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    Your tail looks amazing. Still got a bit of time before he starts mine coming up later this fall. Cant wait to see the video and photos. Thanks for the video.

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    THAT. IS. GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see you in it

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    Thanks so much guys! I am sooo happy with how the tail looks and feels.

    Went for a swim last night and after a bit of a fight getting into it, it fits perfectly! And swims beautifully. The way the fluke moves through the water, ahhh! And I swim so much faster with it then my other tail even though the monofin is so much smaller. I'm working on pictures and a swimming video compilation tonight!

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    Looks like there are 3 tails ahead of yours Matt!

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    Thanks Jesse for the update, I was going to email you but you answered my question. Back to the topic, will there be pics and a video?

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    Teaser video has just been uploaded! Working on pictures now!
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    The tail fits you perfectly! You're an excellent swimmer and the tail looks amazing.

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    Thank you so much! I'm really pleased with everything!

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    For not being made to your measurements, it looks amazing! Really glad it all worked out so well for you

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    Looks great! Remember the suction trick that I told you about!

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    I absolutely LOVE the colors in this tail! I'm glad it is working out for you!
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