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Thread: I was interviewed in the news,& now I need interested mers for interview quotes!

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    I babbled on like I didn't sound like an idiot, plus I have no decent photos in a tail. Hahaha! It was great fun, though! Thanks, Syrena, for the opportunity!
    OMG Same here!

    My nice tail didn't survive long enough to have pictures in, my other tail had all its pictures uploaded on the computer that crashed because I was being bad and trying to help someone view a website banned in Iran, and because it was 5am, I couldn't just wake my partner up and demand he help me into my cheap tail and take a picture of me for an interview. But I did tell her she could have my profile picture to publish if she wanted. It was a picture of me in one of my dance dresses where I was playing a water faerie... And I use it as a head shot for most things, I just, don't have a tail on in it. Lol.
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    Glad you like the quote! I was reticent to post it at first, but honestly, I think it is probably how most of our loved ones feel about our mermaiding antics!
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