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Thread: Merbella Gifs - UPDATED FREQUENTLY -

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    Merbella Gifs - UPDATED FREQUENTLY -

    Most of you remember the thread full of gifs that i made about the whole Mertailor experience. Today, i launch Merbella's.

    I have many ideas but it takes time to put all of them here so i'm gonna update this thread often. In the meantime, just enjoy and have a giggle

    Don't hesitate to comment and why not make your own gifs. This thread is made to lighten the mood, you are welcome to participate.

    When Raina and Raven reconcile from their fight :

    When Raina "accidentally" scrapes off her tail to test the paint :

    When Raven knows about it :

    When i hear bad rumors about Raven :

    When i get a reply from Raven :

    When i go to a public pool with my tail and people are judging me :

    When i clean my tail, putting the music on :

    When i ask my mom to buy me a merbella tail :

    When Raven is in a time crunch to finish a tail and someone tries to talk to her :

    When Raven make ​​an announcement on facebook :

    When my tail is being shipped :

    When Selene (aka Mer-Crazy) tries her brand new tail :

    Before trying :

    First time :

    Second time :

    Third time :

    When i want to swim with my tail and my friend reminds me of all the work i need to do :

    When i swim in my tail but no one is around to see it :

    When guys are looking at Raven swimming in her tank :

    When people ask me if i’m ok while waiting for my tail :

    When Raven is ready to take new orders :

    Whenever there is an opportunity to try out Raven’s tails :

    When Raven shows her new tail on facebook :

    When I'm starting position, ready to order :

    When i got the last seaweed top on Raven’s Etsy shop :

    When Raven open her Etsy shop with new items :

    When i pray that FedEx don’t mess up with the shipping of my tail :

    When Raina tell what to expect with your first merbella tail :

    When i look at my glittery tail :

    When my parents say that i can’t become a mermaid :

    When my pool is closed for technical reasons :

    When i ask Raven to do my design :

    When the hair dryer at the pool does not work :

    When i forgot my lube in order to put my tail on :

    - To be continued -
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    Aaaaaaaawwwwsommmmeee!!! i loved the 'public pool/busy Raven/cleaning tail' gifs

    oh and the 'New Raven post' gif! <3

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    yep. Perfect.
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    I love this!

    I also know Raven is always bending over backwards to fix any problems customers feel they have, so if you can find the ice ice baby gif where he's saying "if there's a problem, yo I'll solve it" I think that fits really well too hahahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by A French Merman View Post

    When Raina tell what to expect with your first merbella tail :

    OMG I laughed so hard!
    Also, this is the total truth :P

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    Bahaha omg this is awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by A French Merman View Post
    When Raven shows her new tail on facebook :

    Literally, like, my words EXACTLY. My partner always knows when I'm checking out Merbellas and they have a new photo up because he can hear me saying that to the computer. LMAO
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    that's freakin' awesome, I laughed my tail off! You are awesome

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    These are awesome! The Tangled one is definitely my favorite though
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    lol @ Morgan Freeman! Frenchie, you are my favorite gif giver! xoxo

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    These are so awesome! I love it!
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    French Merman, I adore you! I am having the worst most stressful night Ever! But this thread had me smiling and laughing so hard! I really needed it, so Thank You for creating this!
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    I am In love with this thread! Its amazing!
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    This made my morning. You, Frenchie, have a gift! Get it? A GIF-t! (*laughs to self...crickets*)

    I especially, especially love the "First Time Trying Tail On" and "When Raven Takes A New Tail Order" ones. Oh, and the "When Raven Finds Out (About Raina's Scraping)". Perfect. Thanks for spreading the happy vibes! *hug*
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    Quote Originally Posted by A French Merman View Post

    When Selene (aka Mer-Crazy) tries her brand new tail :

    Before trying :

    First time :

    Second time :

    Third time :

    Woo! I got a mention! Haha. Perfectly sums up my experiences haha. I actually had a photshoot today and was able to swim without it hurting! Woo! All thanks to you guys helping me!

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    We just need a gif thread in general. No words, just gifs.

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