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Thread: Stupid Youtube comments... part 2!!!

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    Stupid Youtube comments... part 2!!!

    I had started a thread a while ago about people who leave really stupid youtube comments. Often without even watching the video. So, I'd like to get a new one going where people can shows theirs! Marvel at some of the idiotic comments we have all gotten. Now, I monitor mine and tend to delete the realllly stupid ones. But once in a while I let one go through so I can reply to the person. Examples

    On my video advertising my book:

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    Question: why is a seemingly grown woman so worried about people thinking a girl in a costume is real? -_-

    Here I am SIX MONTHS AGO complimenting Iona on her video where she's doing a cute little thing under water for 32 seconds without a breath

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    Seriously, 6 months later you need to point out you don't agree that 32 seconds is nice? you wear a mermaid tail and keep yourself on the bottom of the pool for 32 seconds loser -_-

    Then there's the people who dont even read the description or listen to the video where I say over and over where my tail came from (i get like 100 of these)
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    On this same video I get about 50 "CAN I HAVE YOUR OLD TAIL" and about 50 "SHOW US YOU SWIMMING IN IT" -_- cuz you know, no one can click the link to see the rest of the videos....

    Then there's the people who think my original mertailor tail (the most expensive he offered at the time) must have been a super cheap tail I bought. Why didn't I just buy a merbellas tail (who didn't exist for years later) if I had all that money??? lol
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    Not exactly a stupid comment, but whenever people have problems with Eric they come to me. I am not making that up. I get loads of these comments! When I tell you strangers come to me, I mean it, lol. I don't know what they expect me to do or why they think commenting on a youtube video will do anything
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    On unboxing videos.... lol
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    oh Gawd...
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    uh. whut?
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    Because I always am.
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    The repeat offender...
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    Another unboxing video know it all
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    these jerks (of which I get 100s)
    Name:  0000.JPG
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    Oh. My. Gahd.

    WOW. >.<

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    these ones arent even that bad. I usually delete the bad ones lol

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    Honestly, my favorite are the people who are all about making sure YOU KNOW that mermaids are not real. You're not fooling them!

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    My dragons:

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    urgh... people like this make me so nervous -_-''''' expecially when they say something like sentences without commas/other points and thousands of "please".

    I also say "Please": PLEASE, get lost from me!
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    Lawd help me, I am laughing so hard! Raina, will you teach me to be delishious like you? I insist on lessons on delishiousness in your next book...

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    Mermaids aren't real? Say it isn't so!!
    H.P. Lovecraft “You fool, Warren is DEAD!”

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    Oh, these are killing me! Keep 'em coming!

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    Oh man this is awesome. I love stupid comments...

    Although, all the horrid spelling and grammar (not mention the repeat offender LOL) just kind of broke my brain a little I think...

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    I can see why you turn your comments off. The amount of "whered you get it" comments on a video TITLED "Merbella Studios performance full silicone tail unboxing - Mermaid Iona" with where I ordered it stated IN THE VIDEO and also stated in the video that the links to said tail maker would be IN THE DESCRIPTION and all the info in said description.. it drives me nuts. HUNDREDS of people..
    Whered you buy it?" "Were did u get it?" "how did you get the tail and how did you order it". I don't answer anymore. If they want to know they can take 2 seconds to read the description or the TITLE of the dang video.

    A ton of people were telling me I was an idiot for putting the tail on IN the water. Cause they know SO MUCH about how to put a full silicone tail on. Cause everyone has one don't you know :P
    Also so many people saying that I took too long to put my tail on (5 minutes first try without lube, they don't know that's was practically a record for first timers haha) and saying I was stupid for filming that part when I said the whole point of the video was to see that, and the swimming at the end was just a bonus.

    I ban those that do the chain comment things. It irks me.

    And of course all the people asking me to buy them one because they don't have the money or to give me theirs "becuase it's their dream".

    And this was funny I thought.

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    Oh, and don't forget the hundreds of 6-10 year old smart alecs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winged Mermaid View Post
    And of course all the people asking me to buy them one because they don't have the money or to give me theirs "becuase it's their dream".

    that's so stupid, it's almost funny!

    But ye, I'm glad I've never been to facebook, and no one of the icky social-network-crowd knows me.
    I have comments enabled on the few youtube videos I uploaded so I could link them here, and there's not a single comment
    >> if you're less available on platforms where everyone can write to you, there is a lot less harassment and stupidity to deal with.

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    *knocks on wood* SO far I have escaped such comments except for the "where did ya get it" and "I can't find him comments" on the mvd latex tail review video.
    No trolls on youtube but I have dealt with them in other social media.

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    I'll make a note to self to just ban comments on my videos when I start posting them.... I can't deal with the retarded-ness of what I've seen here and on other mermaid videos comment sections...
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    ...the only way 2 b a reel mermaid and hold my breath for longer den 32 seconds...

    *winks* Youtube commenters, Yahoo commenters, ...all bred from the same diseased bowl. I know that a couple of y'all (PearlieMae, Raina, Dan- I'm looking at y'all!) are expert trolls, so back at them! It's a good way to relieve stress too.
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    I wouldn't even reply back to them. Feed the fire and it only gets bigger. They WANT you to respond. So when you do that, you're only provoking it.

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    Like I said. I only reply once in a while to make an example. Everything is moderated.

    Iona someone once said sean was AMA's bf cuz of the way he looked at her in a video. He is 20 years older than her. Lol

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    OMG...all you can do is laugh at some of them, the others not so much,. They are all either haters or just plain stupid! That is why I have gone to approve only on all my videos now and removed ratings too. Mostly for my dance videos. I received quite a few hateful comments. If someone doesnt have something nice to say it is purely b/c they are a hater! sigh

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    Poor raina you don't deserve the deal with this crap.You should be out there swimming , and inspire people like you inspired me

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    for really popular videos. there is that religous guy you have no iea how or why they got to the video
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    gif. from Free! Eternal summer ending
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