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Thread: Merdivas new Dragon fluke being developed

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    Merdivas new Dragon fluke being developed

    Sneak peak of new Merdivas Dragon Fluke.
    Will be enhanced a lot before release
    Name:  u6m4.jpg
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    A more avant garde fluke.
    This magical work of art was commissioned by a customer who DREW this herself.Her drawing is replicated here in 3D sculpture. Needed to be made wider than her drawing at the top in order to accommodate a monofin.
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    ohhhhhhhhh wow.

    I think I need this in my life.

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    Wow! That is awesome! It reminds me of a blowfish, strangely enough! I like!!!!
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    Looks very nice, I wonder how it will look when it's finished
    Your imagination is your only limit

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    Interesting design, will stand out among more conventional flukes.

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    thanks Caltuna. That above is a design someone drew and asked me to create. It is very different indeed!
    Name:  right fin2.jpg
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    New Giant front fins.It is a matching pair. Each fin is a whopping 27.5x13"
    Name:  fins detail.jpg
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    closeup details
    Very organic and "natural". Doesn't it just seem like a slippery sea creature created by nature?
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    and of course here is the more flowy, feminine, elegant Merdivas Basic fluke
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    Very different! I likeyyyy!

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    Both look very organic.
    Someone not liking aquatic life might be freaked out xD

    Can't wait to see them together with their respective tails!

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    Loving your fluke designs! Very unique

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    how much do you sell your tails for? I've been looking for a good tailmaker for a while that can fit my budget and I am a HUGE fan of your work

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    These are $700.00 plus shipping and also add the cost of a monofin Mermaid Soph. I use 100% Dragonskin silicone and natural pigments. The tails are full silicone and reinforced with a ultra thin layer of power mesh to make them strong. My specialty is a holographic finish and jewels galore to bring out the Goddess (Diva in Italian)in you
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    I'd totally blow all my money on a white Merdiva tail with shimmery glitter if I had any
    The fluke wouldn't even need paint to be perfect.

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    how much are the monofins?

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    Gosh there are so many commercial monofins that you can choose from these days.You might look at the Hydra, Finis Trainer, Finis Competitor. Try to stay away from those that are too thick as it would be harder to sandwich everything together and produce unattractive results imo. I would need parental consent for a minor.

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    Wow! I loved this new fluke! Please let us know when be ready!

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    Necro post again...

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    Kunoichi, this post is a year old. Merdivas is out of business.

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    Looked into this a bit, but can't find the info... can anyone tell me why they went out of business?
    I'll be a Finfolk Mersister in January!


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